folate deficiency

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Folate Deficiency - 叶酸盐缺乏症,叶酸缺乏
Cerebral Folate Deficiency - 脑叶酸缺乏症
Dietary folate deficiency anaemia - 饮食性叶酸盐缺乏性贫血
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  • 他发邮件告知路透社过多的叶酸
    "Too much folate in the presence of B12 deficiency can be harmful, " he told Reuters Health by e-mail.
  • 这是因为严格素餐富含一种名为叶酸的维生素,它能够在检验中掩盖维生素B-12的缺乏症状直到出现严重的病症。
    This is because the vegan diet is rich in a vitamin called folate, which may mask deficiency in vitamin B-12 until severe problems occur.
  • 这种贫血与叶酸或维生素B12缺乏有关。
    Such anemias can be due to folate or to B12 deficiency.
  • 目的: 探索叶酸缺乏对离乳大鼠学习记忆能力与海马突触体膜流动性的影响。
    Objective: The relationship of hippocampal synaptosomal membrane fluidity and the effect of the folate deficiency on weanling rats learning and memory was studied.
  • 目的 : 探索叶酸缺乏对离乳大鼠学习记忆能力与海马突触体膜流动性的影响。
    Objective: To verify the effect of maternal folate deficiency on fetal rat brain development and its change of ultrastructure.
  • 他发邮件告知路透社过多的叶酸也会有害身体健康。
    "Too much folate in the presence of B12 deficiency can be harmful, " he told Reuters Health bye-mail.
  • (营养性)巨幼细胞性贫血(维生素缺乏性贫血) 为了制造足量、健康的红细胞,除了铁以外,身体还需要叶酸和维生素B12等原料。
    Vitamin deficiency anemias. In addition to iron, your body needs folate and vitamin B-12 to produce sufficient numbers of healthy red blood cells.
  • 目的: 从分子水平探讨叶酸缺乏(FD)对胎鼠脑发育的影响。
    Objective: To verify the effect of maternal folate deficiency (FD)on fetal rat brain development, and the change of DNA methylation.
  • 结论:喂饲盐亭饮食的大鼠可能出现叶酸缺乏,添加高剂量叶酸可提高其血清叶酸水平,能改善大鼠叶酸营养状况。
    Conclusion:Rats fed on Yanting diet may show folate deficiency, which serum folate level can be enhanced by adding with high dose of folate, and folate nutritional status will be improved.
  • 结论:母体叶酸缺乏能造成其子代胎鼠皮层脑组织超微结构的变化,可能导致神经元功能的紊乱和丧失,以致防碍脑结构和功能的正常发育。
    Conclusion: Maternal folate deficiency can change the ultrastructure of fetal rat lobus frontalis. It may lead to abnormality of neuronal function and disturb fetal brain development.
  • 结果表明叶酸缺乏改变了几种肝脏蛋白的含量,这与氧化应激和退行性过程中组织的反应一致。
    Our results show that folate deficiency modifies the abundance of several liver proteins consistently with adaptive tissue responses to oxidative and degenerative processes.
  • 加上临床抑郁症与叶酸缺乏有关的证据,那就可以建议吃些富含叶酸的菠菜,橙汁和酵母酱。
    That, plus evidence that folate deficiency is associated with clinical depression, suggests eating spinach, orange juice and Marmite, which are all rich in folic acid.
  • 目的:探讨叶酸缺乏对胎鼠宫内脑发育的影响,研究叶酸缺乏孕鼠子代脑组织基因组DNA 甲基化水平的改变,为叶酸缺乏造成脑发育障碍提供分子水平的依据。
    Purpose:To verify the effect of folate deficiency on fetal rats intrauterine brain development, the change of DNA methylation in fetal rats brain with maternal folate deficiency was studied.
  • 叶酸缺乏试验表明,母鸡叶酸缺乏能极显著增加子代肉鸡 MTHFR基因在肝脏中的表达水平( P
    In addition, the MTHFR expression levels in offspring liver of broiler breeders were significantly increased under folate deficiency in the maternal diets ( P