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fire - 火,火灾,火焰,开火
fire engine - 消防车,救火车,灭火引擎,灭火泵
Fire Hydrant - 消防栓,消火栓,消防龙头,消防街井
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  • 老板威胁要开除她。
    Her boss threatened to fire her.
  • 我们以为火已经熄灭时,火又燃烧起来。
    The fire flamed up when we thought it was out.
  • 她准备好了一顿丰盛的晚餐,还生上了火。
    She started a fire and prepared a rich supper.
  • 他们把窗户往外砸破,安全逃出了大火。
    They broke the windows out to escape from the fire.
  • 他们对火灾所造成的损失感到震惊。
    They were appalled by the damage from the fire.
  • 爸爸用通条把火捅得更旺。
    Father poked the fire with a poker.
  • 当货船失火时,他们凿开甲板以抢救船货。
    They scuttled the deck when the ship caught the fire.
  • 他们蜷缩着围挤在火旁。
    They huddled up around the fire.
  • 她的孩子在火灾中烧死了。
    Her child burnt to death in the fire.
  • 她的容貌在火灾中被严重毁坏。
    She was badly disfigured in the fire.
  • 我方炮兵部队的炮火向他们的炮艇扫射。
    The fire of our artillery troops raked their gunboat.
  • 他们被援救的直升机从大火中解救了出来。
    They were succoured from the fire by the rescue helicopter.
  • 我们回来的时候火依然还燃烧着。
    The fire still stayed in when we came back.
  • 敌人炮火轰击城堡的围墙。
    Enemy fire battered the walls of the fort.
  • 在火苗燃起来之前就把它踩灭。
    Stamp the fire out before it burns.
  • 他用扇子扇火。
    He fanned the fire.
  • 而且火也已经熄灭了。
    And the fire was outed.
  • 大楼的墙壁在火灾中坍塌了。
    The walls of the building buckled during the fire.
  • 大火过后, 寺院里的那些雄伟建筑已荡然无存。
    After the fire, nothing remained of the magnificent buildings of the temple.
  • 十分钟后火又重新燃烧起来。
    The fire was rekindling ten minutes later.
  • 他从大火中抢救出了那个婴孩。
    He snatched the baby from the fire.
  • 这些火腿是在山核桃木的火上薰制的。
    The hams were cured over a hickory fire.
  • 我们以为火已经熄灭时火又燃烧了起来。
    The fire flared up when we thought it was out.
  • 火在炉中噼噼啪啪地响。
    A fire crackled on the hearth.
  • 把椅子拖到火堆跟前来。
    Draw the chair up to the fire!
  • 滑雪者坐在火旁取暖。
    The skiers basked by the fire.