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v. 完成;结束;用尽(所剩之物);(竞赛)获……成绩;(英式足球)进球;(非正式)使筋疲力尽;对(物件)最后加工;结束(牲畜)的肥育;(少女)进上流社会做准备
n. 结局;抛光;最后精细加工;结束;(比赛的)终点,最后阶段;饰面;(葡萄酒的)余味
finish - 完成,结束,整饰
Surface finish - 表面光洁度,表面处理,表面修饰
finish off - 吃完,喝完,结束
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  • 如果我们轮换着做这个工作,我们能很快地把它完成。
    If we do the work turn and turn about, we can finish it quickly.
  • 你最好今天把它搞完。
    You'd better finish it today.
  • 相反地,只开始那些你知道你能完成的。
    Conversely, start only what you know you can finish.
  • 如果你努力做手头的工作,你会很快把它做完的。
    If you apply yourself to the job in hand, you'll soon finish it.
  • 既然你已经着手这项工作了, 那就应该尽力完成它。
    Now that you put your hand to the work, you should do your utmost to finish it.
  • 像他们一些课程的安排,产生一个想法,就开始设计,实施,最后测试――所有的事情,从开始到结束都是靠他们自己,或者跟几个朋友一起。
    That is, like some of their course assignments, they come up with the idea, design it, implement it, and test it -- everything, from start to finish, all by themselves, or with a few friends.
  • 在你完成它们之前不要去做任何其他的事情。
    Do not do anything else until you finish them.
  • 我们也可完成这项任务吗?
    Will we finish this job as well?
  • 单击两次下一步,然后单击完成。
    Click Next twice, and then click Finish .
  • 但是,当您需要在有限的时间内完成一个原型时,这也许是一种选择。
    But it may be an alternative when you have to finish a prototype in limited time.
  • 我只是要去完成这个演讲。
    I just have to finish this speech.
  • 不管怎么样,反正我们今天必须完成这项工作。
    Come what may, we must finish this work today.
  • 完成这些之后,再修改一些地图的内容就差不多了。
    It should be almost done if I finish this and revise some maps.
  • 你什么时候完成大学课程?
    When do you finish your college course?
  • 只有结束它以后,你才能离开。(主句倒装)
    Only after you finish it can you leave.
  • 问题是我们何时能完成我们的工作。
    The question is when we can finish our work.
  • 在这个过程中他们有足够的创造空间,但是他们却很少有机会开发一个完整的产品,从开始到完成,不用任何其它软件作为主要的特性。
    There is a lot of room for creativity in all of this, but they have little chance of developing a complete product, from start to finish, without using other software for key features.
  • 如果你完成了这些任务,今晚我们就能去看电影。
    If you finish these tasks,we can go to a movie tonight.
  • 今天下午我们充其量只能完成一半。
    We can only finish half of it this afternoon at best.
  • 我必须努力完成这件工作。
    I must bestir myself to finish the job.
  • 我们都有需要做的事情的清单。 这些就是我们需要完成的任务。
    We have lists of what we should do, which are also tasks we should finish.
  • 完成一个任务然后在进入下一个。
    Finish one task before you go on to the next.