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n. 手指;指针,指状物
vt. 伸出;用手指拨弄
vi. 用指触摸;拨弄
n. (Finger)人名;(英、德、捷)芬格;(俄)芬格尔
Finger - 手指,手指头,查找并显示用户信息
ring finger - 无名指,环指,知名指
third finger - 无名指,知名指,中指
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手指 / 指部 / 狭长物 / 指幅
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用手指触摸; 用指弹奏; 拨弄; 指出; 用指弹奏; 拨弄; 用指触摸
手指, 指头, 手的延伸; 为找到某人电子信箱地址的行为 (因特网用语)
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  • 您可以只用一两个手指的力气推走它。
    You can push it with just a finger or two.
  • 他不会动一根指头来帮助你的。
    He would not stir a finger to help you.
  • 使用你的手指。
    Use your finger.
  • 如果他困了的话,这个工具就会从他的头上掉下来,那么绳子就会拉动他的手指,从而将他惊醒。
    If he started to fall asleep, the tool would fall from his hand. The string would pull his finger and wake him.
  • 那草割破了我的手指。
    The grass scotched my finger.
  • 手掌、手指和指甲都是我们身体的一部分。
    Palm, finger and nail are all parts of our bodies.
  • 我发现,如果你竖起一个指头给别人钱,无论什么文化的礼节,你的手都将被打断。
    I find if you give money with one finger up, whatever the cultural etiquette, it will be snapped out of your hands.
  • 这个虚拟激光键盘将键盘投射到桌上或其他适合的材质上,之后通过识别你的手指移动,将他们传输到你的掌上电脑或你所连接的设备上。
    This laser gadget projects a virtual keyboard on a table or other suitable material, and then interpret your finger movement and pass them on to your PDA or whatever you have it connected to.
  • 手指的这些运动激活了脑部涉及思维、记忆和语言的广泛区域。
    These finger movements activate large regions of the brain involved in thinking, memory, and language.
  • 用你的手指可以感觉到它的存在。
    You should be able to feel it with your finger.
  • 魔鬼也知道得一清二楚,不时用他那燃烧的手指的触碰来折磨它!
    The Devil knew it well, and fretted it continually with the touch of his burning finger!
  • 她向它弹了一下手指。
    She flicked a finger towards it.
  • 但我指向她的手指反过来又指向了我。
    But the finger I pointed at her turned back to me.
  • 愿丘比特逮捕你,并用一枚订婚戒指锁住你的手指。
    May cupid arrest you and lock your finger with an engagement ring.
  • 每天早上这个老妇人就会去到小笼子那里,然后说:“汉斯,伸出你的手指,这样我就可以感觉到你是否足够胖可以吃了。”
    Every morning the old woman would go out to the little cage, and say: "Hansel, stick out your finger, that I may feel if you are fat enough for eating.
  • 无论你是用你的手指,还是一支铅笔,尝试着将这个工具沿着你所在阅读的那行文字移动,而且尽可能快的向前移动。
    Whether it’s your finger or a pencil, try moving this tool along the lines of the book you are reading to keep you moving forward as quickly as possible.
  • 而且对着我摇着她的手指,一脸严肃的表情。
    No!” While shaking her finger at me, a stern look on her face.
  • 他说:“你不再需要通过按钮来进行字母输入,指头的一个手势就可以了。
    "Instead of pushing a button to get a letter, you gesture with a finger, " he says.
  • 他用手指在纹身中辨认出一条路径,接着启动了手表的计时器。
    He traces a path with his finger, and then starts the timer on his watch.
  • 这时我仍然坐在她的桌子旁边,我发现我自己正在用一根手指擦着桌面上的纹理。
    At that point I was still sitting at her table and I found myself rubbing the grain of it with one finger.
  • 但是或许一个手指也可以做到。
    But maybe it is on power with one finger.