—— 英文翻译成中文


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adj. 好的;优良的;细小的,精美的;健康的;晴朗的
n. 罚款
vt. 罚款;澄清
adv. 很好地;精巧地
n. (Fine)人名;(意)菲内;(英)法恩
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  • 这里可以看到乡村的美景。
    There is a fine view of the countryside
  • 医生说需要6周时间,到那时我就会好了。
    The doctor said it will take six weeks and I should be fine by then
  • 他收集了一些精美的邮票。
    He has a fine collection of stamps.
  • 我们身着盛装等候。
    We waited in our fine clothes
  • 这种油漆的光泽很好。
    This paint has a fine gloss.
  • 如果竞争是达到目标的最佳方式,那就这么着吧。
    If competition is the best way to achieve it, then, fine
  • 滑雪还行。
    The skiing is fine
  • 我很好,我真的很好。
    I'm fine, really I'm fine.
  • “这得花上我两三天的时间。”——“我这儿没问题。”
    'It'll take me a couple of days.' — 'That's fine with me.'
  • 如果你不想把它给我,那可以,我不介意。
    If you don't want to give it to me, that's fine, I don't mind
  • 对手工艺和美术之间的差别争议更大。
    The distinction between craft and fine art is more controversial.
  • 他现在好多了,身体状况不错。
    He is much better now, he's fine
  • 中途可以提问,但最好是等到结束之后。
    It's fine to ask questions as we go along, but it's better if you wait until we have finished.
  • 他对电影和高档家具知之甚多,还是个园艺爱好者。
    He knew much about pictures and fine furniture, and was an enthusiastic gardener.
  • 他经营古董和美术品。
    He deals in antiques and fine art.
  • 这是一本好书。
    This is a fine book.
  • 我和高尚的人们一起干着一份不错的工作。
    I was with fine people doing a good job
  • 莉娜身体很好,还让我转达她对你的爱和祝福。
    Lina is fine and sends you her love and best wishes.
  • 市场对这一整体设想表示出认可,但在具体细节上还未作出反应。
    The market likes the broad outline but is reserving judgment on the fine detail.
  • 炙热烤焦了她手臂上的汗毛。
    The heat scorched the fine hairs on her arms
  • 如果他们不想和我讲话,好的。我不介意。
    If they don't want to speak to me, fine. No problem.
  • 他是个非常平和而且有耐心的人,和他一起工作很愉快。
    He was a fine person to work with and he was very equable and a patient man.
  • 天气晴朗的话,他也许会侍弄侍弄花草。
    He might be doing a spot of gardening if the weather is fine.
  • 这艘船停靠在细沙滩上。
    The ship has come to rest on the fine sand.
  • 无论到哪儿她都会佩戴精美的首饰。
    She'll wear fine jewellery wherever she goes.