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n. 发现
vi. 裁决
vt. 查找,找到;发现;认为;感到;获得
n. (Find)人名;(丹)芬
Find - 发现,查找,找到
Find Edges - 查找边缘,圈定边缘,描边
find font - 检查字体
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发现, 找到, 感到; 裁决
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  • 我们必须找到从页岩中采油的经济方法。
    We must find economical methods for extracting oil from shale.
  • 这个厂里每一个人都在议论他现在是否该找一份新工作。
    Every-body in this factory is yacketing out an opinion on whether he should find a new job.
  • 他们对那个地方进行了彻底搜查,但是没有发现那个小偷。
    They turned the place inside out but did not find the thief.
  • 日酬两镑,食宿自理。
    Two pounds a day and find yourself.
  • 她醒来发现自己在医院里。
    She woke to find herself in the hospital.
  • 我们推断不出这些强盗是从哪个方向逃走的,因为我们找不到他们的任何踪迹。
    We could not reason out which way the robbers escaped, because we were unable to find any trace of them.
  • 在树林的那边你将找到一间避暑别墅。
    Beyond those trees you'll find a summer house.
  • 他们把整个卷宗翻了一遍,也没有找到那份秘密电报。
    They rifled through the whole file but could not find the secret telegram.
  • 若有差错, 请斧正。
    Please correct any errors that you find.
  • 他这人总能找到借口。
    He would invariably find some excuses.
  • 藉助罗盘, 旅行者可以找到自己所处的方位。
    With the aid of a compass the traveler can find his bearings.
  • 我帮他找到了他丢失的钱包。
    I helped him (to) find his wallet.
  • 把能找到的学生都集合起来。
    Muster all the students you can find.
  • 退一步思考,你就能找到解决这个问题的好方法。
    Step back and you will find a good way to solve the problem.
  • 你将在8号轨道找到你的列车。
    You'll find your train at track 8.
  • 他们在逃避社会现实并试图找到新的生活方式。
    They are dropping out and trying to find new ways of living.
  • 他们在旧档案中查阅,但没能找到这个年代的任何资料。
    They checked back among the old files, but could find nothing of this date.
  • 把这些数字加起来,我们就可以找到答数。
    Adding these figures up we can find the answer.
  • 这个学生离开了大学进入社会去发现自己的才能所在。
    The student left the university to go out into the world and find himself.
  • 开会前请抽时间把文件看一下。
    Please try and find time to read the document before the meeting.
  • 几个箱子都翻腾遍了也没有找到。
    I rummaged through all the boxes but still could not find it.
  • 沿着这条路走你就会找到那个村庄。
    Keep by this way and you'll find the village.
  • 找出这个命题建立在什么基础上。
    Find on what foundation the proposition bottoms.
  • 如果你发现商品不满意,可以退给他们。
    If you find the merchandise dissatisfactory,they can take it back.
  • 他为了找到他的钥匙把整个抽屉都翻乱了。
    He jumbled up everything in the drawer to find his key.
  • 我希望设法找到一个体面的办法以摆脱困境。
    I hope to find an honourable way of settling difficulties.
  • 他把所有的旧信飞快地翻了一遍,也没有找到他的女朋友去年给他的那封信。
    He riffled through all the old letters but could not find the one which his girl-friend sent to him last year.
  • 他们已经找遍了一切可能的线索,但仍未找到这个遗失的女孩。
    They have chased down all possible clues but cannot find the lost girl.