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adj. 金融的;财政的,财务的
Financial Analysis - 财务分析,金融分析
Financial Analyst - 财务分析员,金融分析师,财务分析师
financial budget - 财政预算,财务预算,财政估算
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  • 你眼下头脑不清了,对于金钱和感情的忧虑交织在了一起。
    You are currently in a muddle where financial and emotional concerns are tangled together.
  • 这给很多金融消费者带来了一个问题。
    This presents a problem for many financial consumers
  • 这些经济制度将毫无疑问地维持他们在金融市场上的主导权。
    These economies will no doubt maintain their dominance of financial markets
  • 如果不对其加以阻止,财政危机将会加剧。
    If this is not stopped, the financial crisis will deepen
  • 我还没有和他们订立任何财务协定。
    I have not entered into any financial agreements with them
  • 这次金融危机对老百姓的影响更为深远。
    This financial crisis had a much greater impact on Main Street.
  • 我们的财务状况已变得不稳定了。
    Our financial situation had become precarious.
  • 在国家动荡不安的时代,该国的金融市场一般都会出现混乱。
    Times of national turmoil generally roil a country's financial markets.
  • 公司忙于分析此事对财务可能产生的影响,而忽视了其对工人的影响。
    Companies are so busy analysing the financial implications that they overlook the effect on workers
  • 银行已为开发新的金融产品留出了更大余地。
    Banks had increased scope to develop new financial products.
  • 民众信心的丧失可能导致花旗银行出现挤兑,从而威胁到整个金融体系。
    Loss of confidence could trigger a run on Citibank that would threaten the entire financial system.
  • 金融市场的竞争降低了利润。
    Competition in the financial marketplace has eroded profits
  • 金融市场已经接受了新政策。
    The financial markets have given the thumbs up to the new policy
  • 不够谨慎可能会导致财政上出现问题。
    A lack of prudence may lead to financial problems.
  • 我们正努力在这些团体和金融机构之间建立联系。
    We're trying to establish linkages between these groups and financial institutions.
  • 西方国家应该提供道义支持和经济援助。
    Moral as well as financial support was what the West should provide.
  • 这不仅仅是资金的问题。
    It's not just a financial matter
  • 唐和奈杰尔创办的企业在资金上遇到了一些问题。
    The business, founded by Dawn and Nigel, suffered financial setbacks.
  • 企业只有具备了稳固的经济基础才能立足和发展。
    A business can only be built and expanded on a sound financial base
  • 公司目前财政困难。
    The company is in financial difficulties.
  • 在新闻稿中,该公司表示自己遭遇了严重的财务问题。
    In a news release, the company said it had experienced severe financial problems.
  • 我们从事这一行不是为了获得巨大的经济回报。
    We are not in this to reap immense financial rewards.