far away

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far away - 遥远的,Far Away,Far away
So Far Far Away - 远远的远,远远的远远,远远
go far far away - 去很远很远,远远,到目前为止远行
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遥远; 深远遥远; 深远
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  • 你需要远离这一切。
    You needed to be far away from all of this.
  • 他家远了去了。
    His home is far far away.
  • 他住在很远的地方。
    He lives far away.
  • 查伯特父子公司的经营场所位于河边,碰巧的是,那儿离埃里克·塔尔博特身亡的地方不太远。
    The premises of Chabert and Sons were situated by the river and, by coincidence, not too far away from where Eric Talbot had met his death.
  • 暑假刚开始时,开学显得那么遥远,现在却近在眼前。
    The first day of term, which seemed so far away at the start of the summer holidays, is looming.
  • 一群鸟儿从远处朝我们缓缓飞来。
    A flock of birds flew towards us slowly from far away.
  • 这时远远的树林里,小鸟在鸣叫。
    Now far away in the woods a bird called.
  • 他心不在焉,你说什么他都没听见。
    His thoughts were far away and he didn't hear a word of what you said.
  • 虽然能够隐隐约约看到海岸线,但无法估计出大概有多远。
    Though the shoreline could be dimly seen, it was impossible to judge how far away it was
  • 他对于要离家到远方去并不觉得惊讶。
    He didn't blink at the idea of leaving his home and going far away.
  • 远处,岛屿轮廓仅依稀可辨。
    Far away the outline of the island is just discernible
  • 友人远去相将半月有余。
    It has been over half a month since my friend went far away.
  • 我好久没有看她,一来路太远,二来没工夫。
    I haven't been to see her for a long time now. For one thing, she lives too far away; for another, I've been rather busy.
  • 为期甚远。
    The day is far away.
  • 飞行员认为克赖斯特彻奇距离太远,为求稳妥,就降落在了惠灵顿。
    The pilot decided that Christchurch was too far away, and played it safe and landed at Wellington.
  • 前天晚上,一家兵工厂被炸,不远处的居民区也被夷为平地。
    A factory making armaments had been bombed the night before and a residential area not far away had been pulverized.
  • 这事看起来好像发生在如此遥远的地方,他发现自己思想上一时难以接受。
    It all seemed so far away from here that he found himself quite unable to take it in.
  • 他去了尽可能远的地方开始新的生活。
    He had gone as far away as possible to build a new life.
  • 她住处离这里远,加上交通不便,所以很少来。
    She lives very far away, and what with transport problems, she seldom comes.
  • 她挂虑远方的孩子。
    She worries about her children far away.
  • 迢迢牵牛星,皎皎河汉女。(《古诗十九首》)
    Far away twinkles the herd-boy star;| brightly shines the lady of the silver river.
  • 路太远,咱打个的吧。
    It's so far away. let's take a taxi.
  • 迈克尔尽可能坐得离她远些。
    Michael sat down as far away from her as possible
  • 知道了某物的距离才能判断其高度。
    You can only judge how high something is when you know how far away it is
  • 他已走远,你追赶不上了。
    You won't catch up with him now& he's too far away.