fair use

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Fair use - 合理使用,合理使用,公平使用
fair-use - 合理使用
fair use - 合理使用
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  • 它还允许合理使用受版权保护的内容,如引述一段话,写书评或诙谐模仿等。
    It also allows for fair use of copyrighted content, such as quoting a passage, writing a book review, or making a parody.
  • 总之,合理使用并不能使你免于官司,只是能在官司结束后免于赔偿。
    In short, fair use will not protect you from a lawsuit, just from having to pay damages after it is over.
  • 合理使用意思是当它在新的创作物中有贡献,且不涉及作者或者出版商利益的前提下你可以使用。
    Fair use means that one can use copyrighted material when it contributes to the creations of new work and does not deprive the authors or publishers of income for their work.
  • 版权法所豁免的合理使用范围很窄,在此范围内,侵权者未经许可使用他人作品是不负有赔偿责任的。
    Fair use is a very narrow exemption under copyright law where an infringer is not liable for using someone else’s copyrighted work without permission.
  • 基于一系列司法裁决发展而来的公平使用原则所允许的例外情况一直很模糊,往往有赖于图书馆员或读者的专业判断。
    Developed in a number of judicial decisions, the fair use exception remains ambiguous, and often relies on the professional judgment of the librarian or user.
  • 大部分人都会疑惑,为什么合理使用是误读法律?
    Most of the people why cry fair use are misreading the law.
  • 随着电子保存和课堂使用影片、唱片及其他数字媒体的增多,公平使用变得更为复杂得多。
    Fair use gets considerably more complicated with electronic reserves and the classroom use of films, recordings, and other digital media.
  • 如果发表的内容属正当使用范畴,那么侵犯版权可被视为情有可原。
    Copyright violations may be excused if the publication constitutes fair use.
  • 属性系统将之登记超过一定使用限额的材料,忽略带有引号的文字,将其考虑进入“合理使用”范围内。
    The Attribute system would only register uses of material above a certain word limit and would ignore excerpts within quotation marks to try to take account of 'fair use' exceptions.
  • 在这些“免费”资源的正当使用方面,存在一些默认的协定。
    There are tacit agreements governing the fair use of these “free” resources.
  • 其复杂性之一体现在它合理使用的概念上。
    One of the complexities is the concept of fair use.
  • 虽然正当使用是作品制作和使用必不可少的一部分,但未经授权的使用很难在此基础上得到裁决。
    While fair use is avital part of the way that works get made and used, it’s very rare for anunauthorized use to get adjudicated on this basis.