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n. 灭绝;消失;消灭;废止
extinction - 消光,绝灭,灭绝
extinction ratio - 消光比,消减比率,吸光比
Starlight Extinction - 星光灭绝,穆,穆星光灭绝
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  • 如果生物圈有麻烦,人类就会有麻烦,因为人类不能够自外于物种灭绝,虽然他们喜欢这样认为。
    And if the biosphere is in trouble, then man is in trouble, for human beings are not immune to extinction, though they may like to think so.
  • 但是,通过对全球变暖和滥伐森林的共同作用的调查,首次研究便发现许多种类都濒临灭绝危险。
    But the first study to look into the combined effect of both global warming and deforestation found most species are in danger of extinction.
  • 不管动物濒危的原因是什么,保护方法其一就是把它们迁移到动物园和公园,在那儿喂养它们。
    One way to preserve species under threat of extinction - whatever the cause - is to remove them to zoos and parks and breed them there.
  • 所以至今,它们没有灭绝。
    So far, they resist extinction.
  • 现在我们已经远远超过了地球的承载能力,这也是为什么会有这样灭绝物种的事发生。
    But we have now far exceeded earth's carrying capacity which is why we're in the middle of this major extinction.
  • 一些专家认为是蜜蜂正走向灭绝。
    Some experts believe bees are heading for extinction.
  • 这还包括恢复鲑鱼的数量,这要帮助100年前本地消失的大西洋鲑鱼游回到安大略湖。
    This includes Bring Back the Salmon, which helps the return of Atlantic salmon to Lake Ontario after its local extinction over 100 years ago.
  • 如果导致蜜蜂消亡是一个单一的、可补救的原因,那么蜜蜂可能灭绝这个问题就将失去很多影响力。
    If there were a single, remediable cause of the honeybee die-off, the question of possible extinction would lose much of its force.
  • 一种罕见的树蛙,一种泥鳅和蜥蜴都在成千上万种濒临灭绝的动物之中。
    A rare tree frog, a mudfish and lizards are among the thousands of species threatened by extinction.
  • 栖息地的消失和气候的变化将是它们灭绝的最大原因。
    Habitat loss and climate change will be the biggest reasons for their extinction.
  • 对古代花粉残留的研究也揭示出,当时至少有一半的动植物物种消失绝迹。
    Ancient pollen residues revealed a mass extinction of plant life in which half of all flora species died out.
  • 根据国际自然保护联盟的估计,由此带来的结果是高达三分之一的全部种类的鲨鱼都面临或接近面临着绝种的危险,这其中就包含电影中的大白鲨。
    As a result, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that as many as a third of all shark species are threatened or near threatened with extinction, including the great white.
  • 这里还在不断发现新的物种:植物、鸟类、变色蜥蜴和乌龟,我们可能还不太了解这些物种,但它们可能将濒临灭绝。
    There are still new species being discovered: plants, birds, chameleons, lemurs, tortoises that we might not yet know about, that could be on the brink of extinction.
  • 一年半之后,科学家发现了这种蜗牛,但那时它们已经快把当地一些物种推向灭绝的边缘。
    Scientists discovered the snails a year and a half later, after they had already pushed some native species close to extinction.
  • 在《第六次灭绝》中,我首次写了这种令人担忧的处境。
    I first wrote about this alarming situation in The Sixth Extinction.
  • 但是然而,虽然没有人去想过灭绝,这个词在其他地方的抽象概念远远低于在夏威夷。
    But then, while no one wants to think of extinction, the word is far less of an abstraction in Hawaii than in other places.
  • 这些动物由于遭到无情的捕猎而濒于灭绝。
    The animals were ruthlessly hunted to the verge of extinction.