extend to

—— 英文翻译成中文


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extend to - 给与,延伸到,延伸至
extend appreciation to - 给予了赞赏
extend welcome to - 诚挚的欢迎
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  • 质量文化氛围的普遍性应该扩展至客户。
    The ubiquity of the quality culture should extend to the customer.
  • 这种共享常常可以扩展到目录中其他不需要写入内容的文件。
    This sharing can often extend to other files in directories that do not need to be written to.
  • 我为你的成绩感到骄傲,并借此机会向您致以良好的祝愿,祝你今后取得更大的成绩,幸福愉快。
    I take pride in your achievements and avail myself of this opportunity to extend to you my best wishes for your success and happiness.
  • 专家说,尽管这一发现并不令人惊讶,但这是证明个人信仰延伸至整个社会的一次最大规模的研究。
    While the finding is not surprising, experts say that it is the largest study to demonstrate that individual beliefs extend to society as a whole.
  • 由于大型机构间的衍生品和借贷协议非常复杂,所以如果某家银行承受任何压力,都可能迅速蔓延到其他银行.
    Any stress over one bank's strength can quickly extend to others due to the complex web of derivatives and lending agreements, such as repos, between large institutions.
  • 这种说法从一开始就将讨论引向两个极端,它使人们认为应这样对待动物:要么像对人类自身一样关切体谅,要么完全冷漠无情。
    It leads the discussion to extremes at the outset: it invites you to think that animals should be treated either with the consideration humans extend to other humans,or with no consideration at all.
  • 我们的目标是创建一种转换器,既能轻松进行扩展来处理额外格式又能尽可能地将任何特定的输入或输出格式的逻辑保持分离。
    Your goal is to create a converter that is easy to extend to handle additional formats and that keeps logic for any particular input or output format as separate as possible.
  • 随着越来越多的用户和应用集成到身份网络,这些益处延伸到其他网络成员,仅仅是因为他们连接在这个网络上。
    As more users and apps are integrated in the identity network, these benefits extend to other network members simply by virtue of their being connected.
  • 我把这种期望扩大到全体职员。
    This is an expectation that I extend to all staff.
  • 她还反对干细胞研究,以表现她那泛滥的”生存权“信念。
    Her right-to-life convictions extend to stem cell research, which she opposes.
  • 如果他们行使这一权力,预计提高限额会扩展到所有存款,因为大企业撤户对银行的影响会是毁灭性的。
    If they use the authority, it is expected to extend to all deposits, as the loss of large corporate accounts for banks can be devastating.
  • 而且,这些偏见扩大到智力和个人价值等核心特征。
    Furthermore, these biases extend to core characteristics of intelligence and personal worth.
  • 传统上,纯 XML 验证技术只达到了对 语法的验证 -- 即元素和属性的存在或不存在,以及它们的顺序。
    Traditionally, pure XML validation techniques only extend to syntactic validation -- that is, the presence or absence of elements and attributes, and their ordering.
  • 这句话的范围也可以扩展到我其他的家人,但是那个小家伙还在用尿布——还不会用智能手机。
    That metaphor would extend to the rest of my family, too, but the little one is still in diapers - no smartphone yet.
  • 这个冲击波形成了一个压缩气体分子的圆锥体,它朝向外和向后的各个方向一直延伸到地面。
    The shock wave forms a cone of pressurized air molecules which move outward and rearward in all directions and extend to the ground.
  • 因此,这项研究也许不能解释有其他种类的作品或读者时的情况。
    This study might not extend to other types of writing and other types of readers.
  • 研究人员接着探讨了这种效应会不会扩展到其他人。
    The researchers then wondered whether this effect would extend to other people.