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v. 解释;说明(explain的三单形式)
Explains - 解释,说明,阐明
Operation explains - 操作说明
Schiller Explains - 席勒解释
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  • 本文首先提供一个所有内容检索选项的列表,并对每个选项进行了描述。 然后进一步解释什么时候使用这些选项。
    This article first provides a listing of all the content retrieval options with a description of each option, then further explains when to use each option.
  • 本节解释如何使用命令行脚本自动化资源管理。
    This section explains how to automate resource management using command line scripts.
  • 他逐字逐句地替我解释这项条例。
    He explains this regulation to me word for word.
  • 但实际上促使他提出援手的,他解释,是一种失败的感觉。
    But actually what prompted him to reach out, he explains, was a sense of loss.
  • 但他进而解释道,这便是人生趣事的一部分。
    But as he explains, that is part of the fun.
  • 那么,如何解释当前的状况?
    So what explains the current situation?
  • 我这本书尝试解释一个开发者使用任何一个BPM框架时所要具备的所有概念。
    My book tries to explains all the concepts needed by a developer to use any BPM framework out there.
  • 但是愚昧只能部分解释这种易变。
    But ignorance only partly explains the jumpiness.
  • 但她自己解释,之所以这么做,是因为“如果不诚实,一本回忆录就没有意义。
    But she does this, she explains, because “there is no purpose to a memoir, if it isn’t honest.
  • 怎么解释这一切?
    What explains all this?
  • 如果你已经有一个需要集成图表的应用程序,你可以跳过这部分,然后直接进入下一个部分,下个部分将会阐述如何将图表和应用程序集成在一起。
    If you already have an application in which you have to integrate charts, then you can skip this part and go directly to the next part, which explains the integration of charts with the application.
  • “我只愿意演关于我自己的戏剧,”她解释道。
    “The only theatre I do is my own, ” she explains.
  • 但你一旦理解了模式,他就会解释这些关系是关于什么的。
    But once you know the pattern then it explains what these relationships are about.
  • 如果他能给我一个解释,至少我会冷静一些。
    If he explains it then at least I would be calm.
  • “然而这件事发生了,我的侄女在那儿”他解释道:“突然间我成了其中一个受害者,尽管我的侄女幸存下来。
    "Then this happens and my niece was there, " he explains. "Suddenly I was one of those people, though my niece survived.
  • 如果你假设这个力的存在那就能解释一些现象了。
    If you postulate the force like that it explains the phenomena.
  • 那么我们的第一种小偏差已经解释清楚了,但是我们还有另外一种,它在氮和氧之间发生。
    So that explains one of our glitches here, but we have another glitch, and that second glitch comes between nitrogen and oxygen.
  • 中段需要解释主要人物的目标,以及他们需要做什么来完成这个目标。
    The "middle" explains the goal of the main character and what they need to do to accomplish the goal.
  • 那么,如何解释科学家关于这些游戏的影响之间的剧烈分歧?
    So what explains the vehement disagreements among scientists about the effects of these games?
  • 沃纳解释,六段视频中每一个都是这样记录下来,他也是按以上步骤制作它们的。
    Warner explains what’s in each of these six videos, and how he made them.
  • 例如,它解释了你为什么应该——像许多人所做的那样——把头发剪得过短,这样在头发长出来时,平均长度就与应该的长度差不多。
    It explains, for example, why you should - as many people do - cut your hair too short, so that as it grows it is on average the correct length.
  • 本文解释为什么应该考虑在项目中使用名称空间。
    This article explains why you should consider using namespaces on your next project.
  • 那么,如何解释这份狂热呢?
    So, what explains the furor?