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prep. 将……排除在外;不包括……
v. 排除;除外;拒绝(exclude的ing形式)
Excluding - 不计,除外,不包括
Excluding conditions - 排斥条件
excluding rule - 排除规则
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除外, 拒绝, 排除
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  • 把国防排除出削减支出没有任何道理,应该给五角大楼充足的预算资金。
    Excluding defence from cuts makes no sense, given its size and the amount of pork in the Pentagon budget.
  • 排除部分项目,第二季度利润为每股68美分,超过彭博社调查12位分析师预计的平均值41美分。
    Excluding some items, the second-quarter profit was 68 cents a share, topping the 41-cent average estimate of 12 analysts compiled by Bloomberg.
  • 那些低估了想象认知作用的人将认知的作用排除于证实环节、局限于发现环节,但是他们错了。
    Those who downplay the cognitive role of the imagination restrict it to the context of discovery, excluding it from the context of justification. But they are wrong.
  • 我们还可以定义三个程度的劣势:排除、阻碍,和不便。
    We can also define three degrees of disadvantage: excluding, impeding, and inconvenient.
  • 通过将建议分级或简单地排除缺口检查中的个人建议来更好地改进是可能的。
    Further refinement is possible by ranking the proposals or simply excluding individual proposals in examining the gap.
  • 排除外汇汇率的利好影响,销售额增加4%。
    Excluding the favorable impact of foreign exchange, sales increased 4 percent.
  • 排除特定项目以外,第四季度利润约合每股29美分,高于彭博社调查分析师平均预计的28美分。
    Excluding some items, profit was 29 cents per share, compared with the 28- cent average of analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg.
  • 排除裁员成本以外,公司利润从去年同期的每股63美分下滑到每股58美分。
    Profit, excluding costs to cut jobs, fell to 58 cents a share from 63 cents a year earlier.
  • 例如,目前地球的海洋,只占这颗行星的质量百分之.02,还排除它金属芯的质量。
    Earth's current oceans, for instance, make up just .02 percent of the planet's mass, excluding its metal core.
  • 例如为了领取失业保险,工人必须在同一个岗位上工作至少一年。 这样就有效的排除了临时工——他们的合同甚至短至两个月。
    To receive unemployment insurance, for instance, workers must have held the same job for at least a year, effectively excluding most temporary workers, whose contracts can be as short as two months.
  • 目标是在不为其他产品生成排除或阻碍因素的情况下为一个产品满足所有基本标准及对所有角色尽可能多的重要标准。
    The goal is for a product to meet all essential criteria and as many important criteria as possible for all personas without creating any excluding or impeding elements for others.
  • 过滤方法可以接受满足某个条件的所有方法,但是排除不满足这个条件的其他方法。
    Filtering gets all the objects that meet a condition, while excluding gives all the objects that do not.
  • 为了掩饰这些他开始吹嘘自己如何聪明,而他的同学们则以“疯子”、“自以为是的人”这些称号回应他,并把他完全排除在社交生活以外。
    To compensate, he began to brag about how smart he was, and his classmates responded by calling him “crazy” and “show-off” and by totally excluding him from their social life.