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excite - 使兴奋,万世私迷,万事私迷
excite interest - 引起兴趣,激发兴趣
to excite - 激动,使兴奋,激发
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  • 这也就意味着施教者须得有创造性地利用教材,教导并激起每个孩子的学习热情------这是不分性别的。
    That means skilled practitioners using the curriculum creatively to engage and excite every single child in front of them – regardless of their gender.
  • 当我们增大两个电极之间电压,我们有-我们可以把氢气2,分解成单个的氢原子,不仅这样,还能激发原子。
    When we increase the potential between the 2 electrodes that we have in the tube -- we actually split the h 2 into the individual hydrogen atoms, and not only do that, but also excite the atoms.
  • 事实上,在奢侈品世界里,很少有东西能像手表一样激发起男人的兴趣。
    In fact, few things in the luxury-goods world excite the attention of men like a watch.
  • 当时他们用这种激光来激发并电离那些被火焰的高温裂解出来的原子,目的是测量不同火焰的特征辐射。
    They were using the laser to excite and ionize the atoms liberated by the heat of the flame in order to measure the characteristic emissions of different flames.
  • 高能粒子激发100千米或更高处的氧原子,产生特有的绿色光辉。
    To produce the characteristic greenish glow, the energetic particles excite oxygen atoms at altitudes of 100 kilometers or more.
  • 激光几乎都以相同的方式工作:激发某些种类的原子,光线就被放射出来。
    Lasersall work in pretty much the same way: Excite certain kinds of atoms, and light particles radiate out.
  • 工作很艰难。 我们使用的是一艘帆船,某种程度上这是为了激起年轻人对科学研究的兴趣。
    It's very tough duty; we're doing this on a sailing vessel, in part to help excite young people about going into science.
  • 屋内出现了一阵不同平日的小小的骚动,一种激动的微微颤动,这种感觉就好像要外出旅行时的莫名其妙的感觉。
    There is a curious stir, a little shiver of excite-ment, troubling the house, not unlike the feeling there is abroad when a journey has to be made.
  • 在她探索技艺纯熟的搏击者如何激发作家、艺术家和思想家想象力的过程中,她发现了一些很有趣的东西。
    She provides much merriment along the way as she explores the ways professional fighters excite the imagination of writers, artists and intellectuals.
  • 而且,要激发周边地区年轻人的热情也并非轻而易举的一件事。
    What is more, it wasn`t easy to excite the enthusiasm of young people in the surrounding area.
  • 什么会使我激动?
    What would excite me?
  • “如今,许多新摄影师过于依赖数字技巧和软件,从技术上创作出优质图像。” 格雷斯说,“可是,这些图像既不能令观众激动,也不能向观众传达准确的信息。
    “Far too many new photographers today rely on digital tricks and software to produce technically good images,” says Gleis, “but images that neither excite nor inform the viewer.
  • 使用两个波长可以改变的激光束来激发原子,然后,科学家们就可以促使反质子跳转到一个新的能级,那里它就不再与氦原子核相隔离,在一声巨响中,反质子被湮灭了。
    Using laser beams to excite the atoms, scientists can then get the antiproton to jump to a new energy level, one that is no longer shielded from the nucleus and — Bang!