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Euphoria - 欣快,欣快症,欣快
euphoria longan - 龙眼,龙眼果汁
nitrogen euphoria - 氮欣快
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  • PEA在情感欣快时释放,能够使血压升高和心率加快。
    A tiny amount of PEA is released at moments of emotional euphoria, elevating blood pressure and heart rate.
  • 这场胜利的喜悦退去后,人们将不得不回归现实。
    Once the euphoria surrounding this victory subsides, reality must return.
  • 和谐和安乐感有时也会很危险。
    Harmony and euphoria can be dangerous, too.
  • 选举后一片兴高采烈。
    There was euphoria after the elections
  • 孩子出生后,他们沉醉在狂喜之中。
    Hey were in a state of euphoria after the baby was born.
  • 经过昨天热烈的庆祝之后,这个国家今天将会回到现实中来。
    After the euphoria of yesterday's celebrations, the country will come down to earth today.
  • 他患了一种慢性欣快症。
    He was in the grip of a permanent euphoria.
  • 至少,听到你的声音,我是愉悦幸福的。
    At least, hearing your voice, I am in a state of euphoria.
  • 随后,狂喜的感觉突然开始消失了。
    And then, suddenly, the euphoria began to drain away
  • 兴高采烈的情绪不见了,取而代之的是对局面更为清醒的认识。
    The euphoria is giving way to a more sober assessment of the situation.
  • 与他们的悲观情绪相反,我却感到异常欣快。
    In contrast to their pessimism, I myself was feeling a remarkable euphoria.
  • 这欢欣的时刻将在我有生之年都长存在我的记忆中。
    The euphoria of the moment will live in my memory for the rest of my life.
  • 公司老板们在经历了一段选举过后的兴奋之后,重又回到现实中来。
    Company bosses have come back down to earth with a bump after a period of post-election euphoria.
  • 幸福只是一种欣快症的感觉而已。
    Happiness is just a feeling of euphoria.