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n. 结语,收场白;尾声,后记
Epilogue - 尾声,终曲,结尾
Discussing Epilogue - 论尾声
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  • 根据你完成任务的不同,结局也会有所改变。 而且这种互相影响的方式被制作的相当巧妙。
    There are loads of different ending sequences depending on how you completed various quests, and the way they are patched together into a cohesive epilogue is pretty clever.
  • 正如前面介绍的一样,这段代码非常简单,并不需要序言和尾声代码,使用简化 ABI 就完全可以。
    As mentioned, this code is simple enough that it doesn't need prologue and epilogue code and is perfectly fine using the simplified ABI.
  • 收场白:文学作品末尾简短的补充或结论。
    Epilogue: A short addition or conclusion at the end of a literary work.
  • 在 Xerces-C++ 2.2(或 XML4C 5.1)之前的发行版中,解析器只对序言和后记进行美化。
    In releases prior to Xerces-C++ 2.2 (or XML4C 5.1), the parser only pretty-prints the prologue and the epilogue.
  • 在为今年出版的平装本写的一篇后记中,格林斯潘反驳了对他的种种批评意见。
    When the paperback version came out this year, Mr. Greenspan wrote an epilogue that offers a rebuttal of sorts.
  • 如果我没如此生动地记得那最后的一景的话,我实际上就会总想把它当作一个噩梦的。
    If I didn`t remember its epilogue so vividly, I would actually be tempted to think of it as a bad dream.
  • 开头和结尾提供标准的设置。
    The preamble and epilogue provide standard setup.
  • “影片尾声有12分钟,”罗斯说。
    "They filmed a 12-minute epilogue, " he said.
  • 这句话在结局中被否认了,尽管麦卡锡先生那篇半个页码的尾声中出现一个在大地上挖洞穿越平原的人,后面跟着其他人在这些洞里寻找意义。
    Mr. McCarthy's half-page epilogue presents a man crossing the plain making holes in the ground, blindly followed by other men who search for meaning in this pattern of holes.
  • 需要用返回值加载寄存器 3 并执行函数尾声(epilogue)来恢复堆栈框架并返回。
    You load register 3 with the return value and perform the function epilogue to restore the stack frame and return.
  • 一个华彩乐段应该保持在作品的风格范围内,它应该像一个总结、一个收场白,但是要有一个小小的闪现:喔唷!
    A cadenza should not break away from the style of the work, it should be like a summing up, an epilogue, but with a little touch of Whoops!
  • 尾声(32-34章)
    Epilogue (chapters 32 to 34)
  • 就如Snyder女士在她优雅的后记中所写的一样,这恐怕是最后一个人们深信“万物真理同时掌握在艺术家和科学家手中”的时代。
    As Ms Snyder notes in her elegant epilogue, this was perhaps the last era in which it was possible to believe “that nature should be grasped by men and women who are artists as well as scientist.”
  • 这与之前的代码完全相同,不过增加了序言和尾声代码。
    That's exactly the same code as before, just wrapped with prologue and epilogue code.
  • 旁白: 于是,霍顿和无名氏们都平安无事了,整个丛林,甚至袋鼠也都一团和气。
    Narrator: [epilogue] And so, all ended well for both Horton and Who's, and for all in the jungle, even kangaroos.
  • 小说的后记部分淡化了捕鲸船悲惨毁灭的一幕。
    The novel's epilogue tempers the tragic destruction of the ship.
  • 函数在函数开始过程中(称为函数序言(function prologue))创建堆栈帧,并在函数结束时(称为函数尾声(function epilogue))销毁它。
    Functions create the stack frame during the beginning of the function (called the function prologue) and tear it down at the end of a function (called the function epilogue).
  • 该段代码的尾声(epilogue)将在分析 factorial 代码时再作讨论,但总的来说,它的作用是结束堆栈框架并返回到先前的函数。
    The epilogue will be discussed in the analysis of the factorial code, but it basically just takes down the stack frame and returns to the previous function.