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n. 环境,外界
Environment - 环境,外界,环境贴图
environment variable - 环境变量,环境变量,环境变数
natural environment - 自然环境,自然环境,天然环境
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环境 / 生态环境 / 运行环境
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环境, 围绕, 外界
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  • 我建立了一个积极从事环保的组织。
    I set up a ginger group on the environment.
  • 会议上提出的还是那些惯常讨论的老套话题——宏观经济政策、第三世界债务和环境问题。
    The meeting produced the usual bromides about macroeconomic policy, third-world debt and the environment.
  • 我不赞成经济发展应优先于环境保护这个前提。
    I disagree with the premise that economic development has priority over the environment.
  • 他在一个环境出了名恶劣的煤矿里工作。
    He worked in the notoriously unhealthy environment of a coal mine.
  • 他的任务是制定详细政策,使得市场经济和清洁环境能够共存。
    His task was to elaborate policies which would make a market economy compatible with a clean environment.
  • 他们似乎想要做的实际上就是让人们生活和工作的环境固定不变。
    What they seem to want to do in fact is fossilize the particular environment in which people live and work
  • 如果这一轮谈判破裂了,世界贸易环境可能会变得越来越糟糕。
    If this round of talks fails, the world's trading environment is likely to become increasingly hostile.
  • 那对双胞胎一出生就被分开,在完全不同的环境中被抚养长大。
    The twins were separated at birth and brought up in entirely different environments.
  • 我们学校的学生在安全无虑的环境中接受教育。
    Pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, secure environment
  • 如果外在环境变冷,体表会将这一信息传递给身体的体温调节中枢。
    If our environment cools, then messages from the skin alert the body's thermostat.
  • 人的道德品质不是遗传的,而是由环境塑造而成。
    The moral characters of men are formed not by heredity but by environment
  • 保护环境是中国政府的基本国策。
    The protection of the environment is one of the basic state policies of the Chinese government.
  • 为了改造环境,他苦心孤诣地制订了这个计划。
    In order to transform their environment, he drew up the project with painstaking accuracy.
  • 我们需要一个和平的国际环境。
    We want [ need] a peaceful international environment.
  • 南希选择这种产品是因为它更环保。
    Nancy chose the product because it is better for the environment.
  • 建造更多的高速公路和绕城道路能够减少城镇中的污染和交通堵塞,有利于改善环境。
    Building more motorways and bypasses will help the environment by reducing pollution and traffic jams in towns and cities
  • 到一个全新的环境中是很有意思的。
    It was interesting to be in a different environment
  • 应帮助学生对环境采取积极的态度。
    Pupils should be helped to adopt a positive approach to the environment.
  • 能源部长回应说,反对派对环境问题的关切是政治上的机会主义。
    The Energy Minister responded by saying that the opposition's concern for the environment was political opportunism.
  • 即使是在办公室这样的非自然环境中,我们的人体生物钟依然影响着我们。
    Even in the artificial environment of an office, our body rhythms continue to affect us
  • 海伦描述了她身处太空时失重状态下的生活。
    Helen described life in a weightless environment during her period in space.
  • 书架上摆满了有关环境威胁的书,不堪重负。
    Bookshelves groan under the burden of books on threats to the environment.
  • 几乎未对自然环境破坏程度作出评估。
    There is little assessment of the damage to the natural environment
  • 这个现代化温室的环境不适合培育植物。
    The modern conservatory is not an environment for nurturing plants.
  • 你需要了解办公室权术是如何影响工作氛围的。
    You need to understand how office politics influence the working environment.
  • 我丝毫都不怀疑我们对环境的污染是不可挽回的。
    I have no doubt that we are polluting the environment beyond redemption.
  • 这并不能鼓励孩子有条理地分析周围的环境。
    This does not encourage the child to analyse the environment in a formal way