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vt. 使产生;造成
vi. 产生;引起
engender - 产生,酿成,造成
to engender - 产生
engender eradicate - 造成
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  • 一个政策如此,能够使员工产生认同感,并且研究表明,这会走向更伟大的创新。
    A policy like that tends to engender a sense of acceptance, and the research literature suggests this leads to greater innovation.
  • 新的研究中,关于这些重大变化将造成危险的全球变暖的可能性,Kreigler希望收集专家的观点。
    For the new study, Kreigler wanted to glean experts' opinions about the likelihood that these major changes would engender dangerous global warming.
  • 对过程和工作实践的回顾有规律地捕捉从项目中得到的经验,并在项目中造成一个持续的过程改进的文化。
    Retrospectives on the process and working practices regularly capture the lessons learned by the project and engender a culture of continuous process improvement within the project.
  • 产生移情的一种有效方式便是通过简单直接地讲故事。
    And one powerful way to engender empathy is through plain old storytelling.
  • 除了显示出计算机如何找到无形进入人们生活的方式的一些方法外,这种猜测指出了一些嵌入式虚拟可能产生的社会问题。
    In addition to showing some of the ways that computers can find their way invisibly into people's lives, this speculation points up some of the social issues that embodied virtuality will engender.
  • Orchard银行没有在网上公布其罚款利率,也不会告诉我是多少(这毫不让人产生信心!)
    Orchard Bank doesnt disclose its penalty rate online and wouldn't tell me what it is (that didn't engender confidence!).
  • 货币贬值可能会引发恐慌,导致这种货币下跌到远远低于许多经济学家认为的合理价值的水平。
    A falling currency can engender panic that causes it to drop far below what many economists would consider a reasonable value.
  • 天气不好的时候,没有向导带路而独自漫游到谷内幽深之处的人,容易对蜿蜒其间的狭窄的泥泞小道产生不满情绪。
    An unguided ramble into its recesses in bad weather is apt to engender dissatisfaction with its narrow, tortuous, and miry ways.
  • 推理再多,也无法由此形成道德价值观,因为所有价值观实质上就是情感态度。
    No amount of reasoning can engender a moral value, because all values are, at bottom, emotional attitudes.
  • 他能够让你更快的找到爱情或者加深感情。
    It can help you find love or engender more love.
  • 最终,曾造就了我们王朝的失败国王?
    And with the last, Lost king, engender this our dynasty?
  • 另外一项测试同样表明,在公众场合表现得粗鲁似乎会使人觉得这个人拥有权力。
    In another test, being publicly rude also seemed to engender a perceived sense of power.
  • 任何争议性决策都会引发流言、员工的焦虑和抵制。
    Any controversial decision can engender rumors, anxiety, and resistance.
  • 不要考虑你的工作将会产生的利益。
    Do not think of the profits your work will engender.
  • 这使得银行收紧资产负债表的紧迫性消失,银行对借贷的态度将更趋向于逃避风险。
    This should diminish the urgency for Banks to shrink balance sheets and should engender a less risk-adverse attitude to lending.
  • 更糟的是,公众企业会催生出新政策,比如针对保护那些公众企业的贸易壁垒政策。
    Worse, public enterprises will engender new policies, such as trade barriers, aimed at protecting those enterprises.
  • 我觉得这句的意思是 疾病不会带来纯净、天使一般的灵魂或是无瑕的谦卑之心,贫穷更是如此。
    Poverty does not engender a pure, angelic soul or an immaculate humility any more than sickness does.
  • 每一次痛苦都是一个模糊的信号,说明有些事不对头,而其孕育的结果是好是坏全赖承受者的智慧和力量。
    Every pain is an indistinct signal that something is wrong, which may engender either a good or bad result dpending on the sagacity and strength of mind of the sufferer.
  • 产生一种良好的双向的问题讨论。
    Engender a good two-way discussion of issues.