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adj. 无止境的;连续的;环状的;漫无目的的
Endless - 无尽,不尽,无止境
Endless Horizon - 无垠地平线,无垠水平线,无止境的见识
Endless variations - 变化无穷
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不停的, 无尽的, 无穷尽的
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  • 时日在无穷的展望中延展着,于是我们干着琐碎的事情,几乎意识不到我们对生活的倦怠态度。
    The days stretch out in an endless vista. So we go about our petty tasks, hardly aware of our listless attitude toward life.
  • 欧普拉:所以从这个观点来看,这就是快乐无止境的条件。
    Oprah: So from this point of view, there are endless conditions of happiness.
  • 想念你,亲爱的,以无限的爱和真情,祝你生日快乐。
    Thinking of you, dear, with endless love and affection on your birthday.
  • 儿童们仿佛赋有无限活力。
    Children seem to be endued with endless vitality.
  • 是.你说的对.但是英语专业的学生有太多的事情要做.要读大量的英文.还有无休止的论文要写.
    Yes, you are right. But English majors have too much to do, too much reading and endless papers to write.
  • 不超过阅读或有无休止的理论讨论。
    Not by over reading or having endless theoretical discussions.
  • 通过生与死,今生或来世,无论你带领我到哪里,都是你,仍是你,我的无穷生命中的唯一伴侣,永远用欢乐的系练,把我的心和陌生的人联系在一起。
    Through birth and death, in this world or in others, wherever thou leadest me it is thou, the same, the one companion of my endless life who ever linkest my heart with bonds of joy to the unfamiliar.
  • 时间会告诉我们是否真正重视这个警告,石油泄漏一得以控制就安然大睡,或只是厌倦了无休止的媒体报道,麻木我们自己,然后将这些关键问题束之高阁。
    Time will tell whether we heed this warning, go back sleep once the oil spill is contained, or simply tire of the endless media coverage, numb ourselves, and set these critical issues to the side.
  • 但是你们辜负了她的爱和她对人类无尽的耐心。
    But you are ignoring Her love and Her endless patience with humanity.
  • 对于每个企业来说,潜在的问题是无尽的,也并不相同。
    The list of potential problems is endless and different for each business.
  • 每一个你所做的任务,都为你解放了时间使你能够进行下一个项目,你现在已经开始在无尽的自我成长的道路上开始了。
    Each task you do frees up more time to work on the next project. You have now started on the path of endless growth.
  • 当我踏进校门的那一天,你给了我无尽的关怀,当我踏出校门的那一天,你已经付出了你的全部。
    When I entered the gate that day, you have given me endless care, when I take the school that day, you have to pay you all.
  • 他们想将我们拖入无止境的战争中,在战争中消耗我们的力量和信心。
    They wanted to draw us in to endless wars, sapping our strength and confidence as a nation.
  • 对于普通胖人来说,生活可以是一连串无休止的屈辱经历。
    For the average fat person, life can be an endless chain of humiliating experiences.
  • 但是,就像白色一样,它潜入了几乎所有色彩中,并生成变化无穷的灰色——它们的不同在于色调和浓度。
    But like white, it is present in almost every color, and forms the endless variety of grays -- different in tone and strength.
  • 理论上(尽管实际上可能并非如此),这或许会缓解无休止加班的压力。
    In theory, though probably not in practice, that could alleviate the pressure to work endless overtime.
  • 他们要把我们拖入无休止的战争中去,逐渐消耗完国民的力量和信心。
    They wanted to draw us in to endless wars, sapping our strength and confidence as a nation.
  • 我们的每一边,都是无尽的压力。
    On all sides of us, endless pressure.
  • 一天当我在一次会议上听着无休止的演讲时,慢慢坠入梦乡,突然闻到来自某个人科隆香水的柠檬味道,我的大脑兴奋起来。
    One day, as I was falling asleep, while listening to endless speeches at a conference, my brain suddenly perked up when I caught a whiff of lemon from someone’s cologne.