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n. 结局;结尾
Ending - 结局,结尾,收官
Hollywood Ending - 好莱坞式结局,好莱坞结局,好莱坞终点
Alternate ending - 另一种结局,更好的结局,备用结局
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终止, 收场, 终了
结束; 了结; 终止; 作为...的结尾; 结束; 死; 终止
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  • 公司承认到9月本财年结束时将会出现亏损。
    The company admits it will make a loss for the year ending September.
  • 但是到这个周末,谈判非但没有达成协议反而在唇枪舌剑中不欢而散。
    But instead of ending in agreement, the talks broke up in acrimony at the end of the week.
  • 在故事的结尾爆发了一阵阵掌声。
    A burst of hand-clapping followed the ending of the story.
  • 她预言这次探险结局不会好。
    She prophesied a bad ending for the expedition.
  • 我告诉他我主要是对他电影的结尾有保留意见。
    I told him my main reservation about his film was the ending
  • 接着他听见深井里回响起一声刺耳的尖叫,然后是砰的一声闷响,再之后就什么也听不见了。
    Then he heard a piercing scream echoing down the deep well, ending in a dull, dead thud.
  • 一段灰暗而感伤的情节慢慢展开,最后是一个不可避免的幼稚可笑的结局。
    A sordid, sentimental plot unwinds, with an inevitable mawkish ending.
  • 我们听说了人们被赶出去流落街头的故事。
    We hear stories of people being turfed out and ending up on the streets
  • 约翰逊为其添加了个圆满的结尾,并将标题改作《生活从8:30开始》。
    Johnson tagged on a happy ending and changed the title to 'Life Begins at 8:30'.
  • 那部电影有一个好莱坞式的美满结局。
    The film has a Hollywood happy ending.
  • 立法是终止汽车作为主导交通工具的唯一途径。
    Legislation is the only route to ending the car's dominance as a form of transport.
  • 第一组数据显示截至7月27日的周销售量。
    The first figure shows sales for week ending July 27.
  • 她带着孩子逃亡,从一个邻居家跑到另一个邻居家,最后逃到了一个朋友的地下室。
    She fled with her children, moving from neighbour to neighbour and ending up in a friend's cellar.
  • 日暮途穷。
    The day is waning and the road is ending.
  • 结果他非但没有锒铛入狱或是穷困潦倒,反而功成名就。
    Instead of ending up in jail or in the gutter he was remarkably successful.
  • 电影回避式的结局让人不满。
    The film's ending is an unsatisfactory cop-out.
  • 故事结尾让人很失望,这样的结尾严重削弱了故事情节。
    The storyline is fatally compromised by an ending that leaves you feeling horribly cheated.
  • 这本小说很好,美中不足的是结尾太冗长了。
    This is a good novel, except for the long and tedious ending.
  • 这故事有一个快乐的结局。
    The story has a happy ending.
  • 它有3对腿,每条腿上都有一只巨爪。
    It has three pairs of legs, each ending in a large claw.
  • 为结束内战而进行的最新谈判好像要陷入僵局。
    The latest talks aimed at ending the civil war appear to be heading for deadlock
  • 文章要前后照应。
    The ending of a composition should be correlated with its beginning.
  • 此剧的结尾是喜剧性的。
    The ending of the play is comic.
  • 得知自己到了哪里时,我简直要晕过去了。
    I nearly died when I learned where I was ending up
  • 到目前为止,在结束交战方面还没取得什么进展。
    So far little progress has been made towards ending the fighting
  • 语法规则中并没有规定句子以介词结尾是错误的。
    There is nothing in the rules of grammar to suggest that ending a sentence with a preposition is wrong.