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n. 结束;目标;尽头;末端;死亡
vt. 结束,终止;终结
vi. 结束,终止;终结
n. (End)人名;(英、德)恩德
end point - 终点,端点,滴定终点
End System - 终端系统,端系统,末端系统
End cutting - 截头
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  • 这将成为最棒的聚会。
    It was going to be a party to end all parties.
  • 道路的尽头是一个丁字路口。
    The road ended at a T-junction
  • 冷战结束了。
    The cold war came to an end.
  • 社会等级的另一端是杂货店老板,村里唯一的商人。
    At the other end of the social scale was the grocer, the village's only merchant
  • 法庭已经作出了判决,现在这件事已经告一段落。
    The court has passed sentence and the matter is now at an end
  • 加上贝蒂的薪水,他们仅能勉强维持生计。
    With Betty's salary they barely made ends meet.
  • 我不确定她是不是相信我。她可能只是觉得我神志不清了。
    I'm not sure she believes me. She probably just thinks I've gone off the deep end.
  • 他同时轻轻地叩击着几根指尖。
    He tapped the ends of his fingers together
  • 那是一份绝好的工作。你就像被抛到了泳池的深水区,一切都要靠自己。
    It's a superb job. You get thrown in at the deep end and it's all down to you
  • 我得和系里其他教授一起做好自己的本职工作。
    I had to keep my end up with other professors in the faculty
  • 结果是他们自找苦头。
    They ended by making themselves miserable
  • 我们和这个人谈话之后没多久,他就死于非命了。
    Soon after we had spoken to this man he had met a violent end.
  • 它有3对腿,每条腿上都有一只巨爪。
    It has three pairs of legs, each ending in a large claw.
  • 他接电话时,电话那一端是弗格森。
    When he answered the phone, Ferguson was at the other end
  • 程式交易月度报告通常在每月结束3周后出来。
    Its monthly reports on program trading usually come out about three weeks after each month ends
  • 他的声明以“为我祈祷”结束。
    His statement ended with the words: 'Pray for me.'
  • 我们会斗争到底,确保我们的孩子得到理应属于他们的东西。
    We will fight to the bitter end to ensure our children get what is rightfully theirs.
  • 会议很快结束了,我和史蒂夫离开了房间。
    The meeting quickly ended and Steve and I left the room
  • 全球股市波澜不惊地结束了一周的交易。
    The markets ended the week on a quiet note
  • 这起事件本会以悲剧收场。
    The incident could have ended in tragedy
  • 你管好你的事,孩子,我会管好我的。
    You take care of your end, kid, I'll take care of mine
  • 尽管他原本是为了学习而旅行,但旅行过程本身也是一种享受。
    While he had originally traveled in order to study, traveling had become an end in itself.
  • 我拿不定主意是否报警,但最后还是没报。
    I toyed with the idea of calling the police, but in the end I didn't