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vt. 围绕;装入;放入封套
enclose - 围住,把,附上
enclose with - 附上,将装入
enclose it - 附上他
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  • 我要附寄货款,还是要求寄账单付款,或者请求货到付现?
    Should I enclose payment, ask to be billed, or request that the item be sent COD?
  • 为了标记食谱名,您需要将这个文本包含到元素中,即分别在文本的首末两端添加开始和结束标记。
    To mark up the recipe name, you enclose that text in your element by placing the beginning tag before your text and the ending tag after your text.
  • 我随信附上这篇故事的几张插图。
    With this letter I enclose some illustrations for the story.
  • 依照今天上午的谈话, 随函呈上本公司新产品的小册子一本。
    Referring to our conversation of this morning, we enclose a pamphlet describing our new articles.
  • 我们非常感谢你方对……所作的报价。 兹附上我们对下列货品的正式订单。
    We are obliged for our quotation of…and enclose our official order for
  • 如 清单 1 所示,这些元素包含关于每本图书的标题、作者、出版商、格式、主题和 ISBN 标识符的信息。
    As Listing 1 illustrates, these elements enclose information on the title, authors, publisher), format, subject, and ISBN identifiers for each book.
  • 荣幸地向贵方推荐..., 随函附上第...号报价单,供贵方考虑。
    We have pleasure in recommending to you ... and enclose Quotation No. ... for your reference.
  • 可以使用方括号将一个或多个字符括起来,以创建一个集合,该集合中的任何字符都可以匹配。
    You can enclose one or more characters in square brackets to create a set; any character in the set will match.
  • 我附加了评估报告供您阅读。
    I enclose the evaluation report for your reference.
  • 有一块面积相当大,曾在2003年上过宇航员摄影的海岸沙丘,已经成为国家公园受到保护,不过公园的边界只是围上了这个迁移沙丘的一小部分。
    One substantial area of coastal dunes, shown in an astronaut photograph from 2003, has been protected as a national park, but the park boundaries only enclose a fraction of the marching sand dunes.
  • 随信附上照片一张。
    With this letter I enclose a photograph.
  • 如果您只想要显示含有确定词语的工件的列表,那么就将搜索项用引用符号圈起来。
    If you want the results to list only artifacts that include an exact phrase of words, enclose the entire search term in quotation marks.
  • 我随信附上两张票。
    I enclose two tickets along with this letter.
  • 上个月我们收到了同样的账单。 所以,随信附上一张空白支票。
    The one you sent last month said the same, so I now enclose our check for nothing.
  • 请不要在信上附上照片,除非你是是在找表演或者模特一类的工作。
    Don’t enclose a photograph with your letter unless you are looking for work in acting or as a model.
  • 尽管在图中并没有明显表示,但是,这些内容还可以识别词汇表或索引词汇,而且您可以创建元素来封装这些词汇。
    Though not evident in the figure, this content might have glossary or index terms identified, and you can create elements to enclose those words.
  • 重复以上步骤以附加 Delete 按钮图像(也在 下载 部分中)。
    Repeat the previous steps to enclose the Delete button image (also in the Download section).
  • 农夫们经常用树篱把他们的土地围起来。
    Farmers often enclose their land with hedges.
  • 如果名称包含空格,可以使用双引号括住适配器名称。
    If the name contains spaces, enclose the adaptor name in quotation marks.