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n. 精英;精华;中坚分子
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  • 或许,这也是为什么许多智识精英会瞧不起那些做贸易或产业工作的人。
    Perhaps that iswhy so many of the intellectual elite look down on those in trade and industry.
  • 但是与其把资源集中在少数精英大学上,不如将目标定为建立一个世界级的高等教育系统。
    But rather than concentrating resources in a small number of elite universities, the aim should be a world-class HE system.
  • 科学家已证实存在“夜猫子精英”一族,对这些为数不多的人来说,睡懒觉就是在浪费生命。
    Scientists have identified a ‘sleepless elite’ – a small group of people for whom a lie-in is a waste of time.
  • 但是,如果所有这些紧张和失望产生的根源 — 那种认为进不了精英学校会让生活有天壤之别的想法 — 是错误的呢?
    But what if the basis for all this stress and disappointment—the idea that getting into an elite college makes a big difference in life—is wrong?
  • 阉人曾经在许多社会中是精英中的成员。
    Eunuchs were once members of the elite in many societies.
  • 你能做些什么区帮助你的优秀精英员工呢?
    What can you do to help your elite performers?
  • 他暗示到,当时社会中的精英们可能已经把喝这种饮料作为诞生与结婚等特殊场合的标志了。
    He suggests the elite members of society would have drunk the beverage to mark special occasions such as births and marriages.
  • 在过去,公共议程或热点话题是由精英和新闻工作者决定的,公众只能关心这些人所关心的事。
    In the past, the public agenda or hot topics were decided by the elite and by the journalists. The public cared about what they cared about.
  • 她想要从一个成功的百货商店转型为一个精英店。
    She wants to transform it from a successful department store into an elite one.
  • 他强调,这个词并不意味着外来势力的阴谋;那种情形只有在国际与地方(精英)力量结合在一起时才会出现。
    He emphasized that the term did not imply an external conspiracy but could only be effected by a combination of international and native (elite) forces.
  • 首要的一点,我们必须超越“精英零售型”的研究模式。
    Above all, we must look beyond an “elite retail" model of research.