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n. 门把手
doorknob - 门把手,门把,高频耦合
A DOORKNOB - 我买过的最差的东西
doorknob capacitor - 门钮形电容器
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  • 你仅仅是跌倒刚好撞到了门把手?
    You all just fell and hit the doorknob right?
  • 几乎所有的旅馆都备有可以挂在房门把手的小牌供顾客使用。
    All most all hotels provide signs that the guest can hang on the doorknob .
  • 我听见扭动门把手的声音,立即拉开我桌子上层的抽屉,把小册子塞了进去。
    I heard the doorknob turn, and I pulled open the top drawer of my desk and shoved the pamphlet inside.
  • 我走到门前,微微地触摸了门把手,就像轻抚从战场归来的爱人的脸一样。
    I walked up and touched the doorknob like it was the cheek of a lover just home from war.
  • 维修工把原先的门把手扔进他的工作箱内,Michael失望地走了。
    The maintenance man throws the old doorknob into his work box as Michael walks by, defeated.
  • 一些警告我最后一次离开,迫切,因为我把我的手放在门把手。
    Something warns me one last time to leave, urgently, as I put my hand on the doorknob .
  • 帕丽卫生门把手成为公共洗手间最干净的所在。 过去卫生间的门把手是数以千计的细菌的藏污纳垢之所。
    The Purleve hygienic handle makes the doorknob the cleanest thing in a public restroom, when usually it harbors thousands of infection-causing bacteria.
  • 如果您需要整理房间,请将“请即打扫”牌挂到门把手上。
    If you need clean your room , please hang PMU sign on your doorknob.
  • 另一个扭了一下门把手但它是锁住的。
    Another one turned the doorknob but it was locked.
  • 他说:我一开前门,门把就掉在我手上了。 接下来的情况甚至更糟。
    1:As soon as I opened the front door, the doorknob came off in my hand.
  • 把这张字条子挂在前门的把手上。
    String this note on the front doorknob.
  • 娜蒂向床走去历史学基地班排名,马库斯则向门跳去,奋力的扭门鼻。
    Nahti walked toward the bed, and Marcus jumped toward the door, struggling with the doorknob.
  • 在门把手那里放了一把亨利的椅子。 我在门上敲了四下,亨利请我进去了。
    Henry has a chair wedged under the doorknob.
  • 你把手放在松了的门把上,它就会发出奇怪的声音。
    The loose doorknob made strange sounds when you put your hand on it.
  • 我走到门前,轻轻地触摸了门把手,就像轻抚从战场归来的爱人的脸一样。
    I walked up and touched the doorknob like it was the cheek of a lover just home from war.
  • 那只狗一次又一次地抓门把手。
    The dog pawed at the doorknob again and again.
  • 诚然,用户体验设计师可以帮助人们提高几乎关于任何事物——一个门把手,一个水龙头,一个购物车——的体验。
    Really, a user experience designer could help to improve a person’s experience with just about anything —a doorknob, a faucet, a shopping cart.
  • 首先,他用区别针换到一支木钢笔,然后是陶瓷门把手,努力不懈的结果便是这座房子。
    The clip was first exchanged for a wooden pen, which was traded for a ceramic doorknob, and the process continued right up to the house.
  • 为了汤米,先在这儿假装一下伤心的样子,”他说完,回到营业室那里,把门把手从墙里拔了出来。
    Keep it sad around here for Tommy’s sake,” he said, and went back to the lobby, where he pulled the doorknob from the wall.
  • 这是挂在门把手上的菜单。
    This is your doorknob menu.
  • 当你在电视剧集中看到一个侦探使用手帕打开一个门把手时,他可能正在毁坏潜在的指纹。
    When you see a TV detective turn a doorknob using a handkerchief, she's probably destroying a latent print. The only way not to corrupt a latent print on a non-porous surface is to not touch it.
  • 如果没有人去世,在门把手挂衣服就会招来不幸。
    When there has been death, hanging clothes from a doorknob would invite misfortune.
  • 他说,几乎任何类型的火花,从你接触球形门把时所产生的静态冲击,直至照亮木星上狂暴气的庞大闪电,都可以认为是一种闪电。
    Pretty much any spark, from the static shock you get from touching a doorknob to the giant bolts that light up Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere, could be considered lightning, he said.