don juan

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 唐璜亦如此。
    So it is with Don Juan.
  • 著名作家卡萨诺瓦,有很多情事,因此他的名字,成为一个唐璜性格类型的代名词。
    Casanova the famous writer who had lots of love affairs, so his name has become synonymous with a Don Juan type of character.
  • 至于满足,唐璜则相反,他一直坚持如此。
    As for satiety, Don Juan insists upon it, on the contrary.
  • 此刻,我想到了所有那些坚持唐璜有罪的顽固分子。
    I think at this point of all those who absolutely insist that Don Juan be punished.
  • “现在想想你的死亡,”唐望突然说,“它就在一臂之遥,随时都会碰触你。
    'Think of your death now, ' don Juan said suddenly. 'It is at arm's length.
  • 我也想到了所有那些关于唐璜垂暮之年的故事、传说和笑话。
    I think of all those tales, legends, and laughs about the aged Don Juan.
  • 唐望对我微笑,两眼闪着光,有一种天真无邪的味道。
    Don Juan's eyes were shining as he smiled at me. There was an air of innocence about him.
  • 然而,歌剧教导了宝贵的经验教训以及审美,因为唐璜是最终自私的审美。
    However, the opera teaches a valuable aesthetic lesson as well, because Don Juan is the ultimate selfish aesthete.
  • 不,唐璜并非死于一只石手之下。
    No, it was not under a stone hand that Don Juan met his death.
  • 唐望很直接地问我,当时我为什么不把意见说出来。
    Don Juan asked me matter-of-factly why I had not voiced my opinions at the time.
  • 唐璜是西方文学传统里不灭的人物形象母题。
    Don Juan is seen as the eternal motif of characters' creation in western literary tradition.
  • 一种截然不同的爱情影响了唐璜,这种爱就是解放的爱。
    Quite a different love disturbs Don Juan, and this one is liberating.
  • 唐璜在行动中悟出的就是数量准则,圣者则背道而驰,他们朝向的是质量准则。
    What Don Juan realizes in action is an ethic of quantity, whereas the saint, on the contrary, tends toward quality.