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vt. 区分;辨别;使杰出,使表现突出
vi. 区别,区分;辨别
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  • 有比较才能鉴别。
    Only by comparing can one distinguish.
  • 分析形势,要看清主流和支流。
    In analysing a situation, it's essential to distinguish the main aspect from the minor ones.
  • 虽然有雾,船员们仍能相当清楚地识别出那是岸线。
    In spite of the fog the crew can distinguish the coastline fairly well.
  • 所以这里的问题是你怎样区分,一个句子,一个主张和一个论点?
    So the question here is how do you distinguish a sentence, or an assertion, from an argument?
  • 音乐的某种特质使其有别于所有其他艺术形式。
    There is something about music that distinguishes it from all other art forms
  • 在接下来的几年里,他作为一名宪法研究领域最杰出的学者而声名远扬。
    Over the next few years he distinguished himself as a leading constitutional scholar
  • 这只鸟没有明显的特征。
    The bird has no distinguishing features.
  • 一种方法,至少能区分一个句子和论点?
    One way, at least to distinguish a sentence from an argument?
  • 最根本的问题在于他们无法分清现实和虚构。
    The fundamental problem lies in their inability to distinguish between reality and invention
  • 他能分辨是非吗?
    Could he distinguish right from wrong?
  • 我们对任何东西都要用鼻子嗅一嗅,鉴别其好坏。
    We should take a sniff at everything and distinguish the good from the bad.
  • 他们在阿瑟耶之战中一战成名。
    They distinguished themselves at the Battle of Assaye.
  • 我们干工作要分清主次。
    In our work we must distinguish our priorities.
  • 个人道德准则和社会道德准则常常不一致。
    It is common to distinguish between personal and social ethics
  • 我们可以根据物质的特性把一种物质与另一种物质辨别开来。
    We can distinguish one kind of substance from another by its properties.
  • 他是非不分。
    He couldn't distinguish right from wrong.
  • 小时了了,大未必佳。
    A clever child may not distinguish himself when grown up.
  • 你能不能识别远处的那些东西?
    Can you distinguish the objects in the distance?
  • 有哭声、喊声——他能听出不同的声音。
    There were cries, calls. He could distinguish voices.
  • 不能分辨颜色的人被称为色盲。
    People who cannot distinguish between colours are said to be colour-blind.
  • 研究表明婴儿通过辨别光亮和黑暗的区域来学会看东西。
    Research suggests that babies learn to see by distinguishing between areas of light and dark
  • 你大显身手的时机到啦!
    Now's your chance to distinguish yourself.