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adj. 由蒸馏得来的;净化的
v. 蒸馏(distill的过去式)
distilled - 由蒸馏得来的,蒸馏的,蒸馏得来的
distilled water - 蒸馏水,蒸馏水,基质
Molecularly Distilled - 分子蒸馏,分子蒸馏法,采用独特的分子蒸馏
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蒸馏; 浓缩; 净化; 吸取...的精华; 蒸馏; 提炼
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  • 不怎么好的消息是如果你时常饮用如伏特加酒或苏格兰酒这些蒸馏酒饮料,资料显示这会促进骨骼疏松症的发生。
    The not-so-good news is that if you drink distilled beverages such as vodka or Scotch, daily consumption of these beverages has shown to actually promote osteoporosis.
  • 蒸馏酒是一种含有乙醇的饮料,这些乙醇从发酵的谷物、蔬菜和水果中蒸馏而来。
    Distilled beverages are the ones that contain ethanol produced by the distillation of fermented grains, vegetables or fruits.
  • 作为一种经过悉心蒸馏的饮料,其酒精含量至少要达到35%。
    To a beverage to be considered distilled, it must have at least 35% of alcohol by volume.
  • 将水蒸馏去除杂质的时候会用到一种只过滤水分子的特制网状设备。
    The water is distilled and is totally freed from any substances with the help of a special mesh-work that filters only water molecules.
  • 把新鲜的家用蒸馏水作为你孩子的配方是最好的方法,它可以为你孩子提供安全。
    Using fresh, home distilled water for your baby’s formula is the best way to provide that safety in your baby’s bottle!
  • 文章很长(不过看起来还是很轻松的), 但最后原料归结到几种: 马铃薯, 蒸馏白醋和花生油.
    While the main article is long (albeit quite entertaining), in the end the recipe boils down to just a few choice ingredients: potatoes, distilled white vinegar, and peanut oil.
  • 如果被动输送系统能够用来收集和分配天然的蒸馏水,那它也能够帮助数以百万计的人们轻松获取干净的淡水。
    If passive systems could collect and distribute naturally distilled water, it could help millions of people easily obtain clean, fresh water.
  • 冷冻的蚕豆豌豆汤味道像是蒸馏过的泉水,而摆放精制黄瓜做的盒子里的四季豆沙拉,满满的装在盘子里。
    A chilled soup of fava beans and peas tasted like distilled spring, while a green-bean salad, pertly dressed with a cucumber vinaigrette, was almost too abundant for the plate.
  • 家用蒸馏水不仅可以作为你孩子配方的最好的水,而且也是唯一你可以提供给你孩子,年长的儿童和成年人的水。
    Home distilled water is not only the best water for your baby’s formula, it is also the only water you should provide for your toddler, older children, and adults as well.
  • 我们蒸馏海水使其变成饮用水。
    We distilled the salt water and made it into drinking water.
  • 最好在温的蒸馏水中加入一勺盐,以此漱口。
    The best thing to gargle is use distilled warm water with a teaspoon of salt.
  • 蒸汽被搜集在一个容器里,提供纯净而干净的蒸馏水。
    The steam is collected in a container, providing pure, clean, distilled water.
  • 这样就可以从大海或海洋中取水,当然,水首先需要被净化。
    In this case water will be taken right from the sea or ocean, previously being distilled of course.
  • 而蒸馏的越深色或者葡萄酒相对颜色淡的酒一般含有更多的这种同系物。
    And darker distilled drinks and wines generally have more of these congeners than do lighter ones.
  • 人们从当地的一种仙人掌——龙舌兰的茎中煮出甜汁,然后再把甜汁蒸馏,得到龙舌兰酒。
    The alcoholic drink is distilled from sweet juices that form when stems of a native cactus, the blue agave, are cooked.
  • 威士忌酒是用蒸馏法从发酵的麦芽浆中提取的。
    Whiskey is distilled from a fermented mash of grain.
  • 而颜色更深的蒸馏酒和葡萄酒等酒类普遍要比浅色的酒含有的酒精同类物多,像波本的酒精同类物就要比伏特加多37倍。
    And darker distilled drinks and wines generally have more of these congeners than do lighter ones. Bourbon, in fact, has 37 times more than vodka does.
  • 这种饮品直到周朝仍在广泛使用,但到了汉朝迅速被酒性更烈的黄酒(一种非蒸馏的米酒)取代。
    The drink remained in use all the way through the Zhou Dynasty, but then during the Han Dynasty the drink was quickly replaced by the more potent huanjiu (a non-distilled rice wine).