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v. (使)下决心,(使)做出决定
vt. 决定,确定;判定,判决;限定
vi. 确定;决定;判决,终止;[主用于法律]了结,终止,结束
Determine - 确定,决定,决心
Determine File - 第二步确定文件,确定文件
Gods determine - 神确定,神决定
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查明 / 确定 / 作出
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决定; 判决, 裁定; 使决定, 使下决心; 确定; 决定; 判决; 终止
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  • 事业的成败取决于哪些因素?
    What determines whether you are a career success or a failure?
  • 这些因素综合起来决定了景深。
    Together these factors determine the depth of focus
  • 要求相当精确地分析才能确定其交换值。
    A rather elaborate analysis was required to determine the cross-over values.
  • 他们的具体任务就是将大量信息分类并努力弄清它们的意思。
    Their specific task is to sort through the reams of information and try to determine what it may mean
  • 鸡块的大小将决定烹饪时间的长短。
    The size of the chicken pieces will determine the cooking time
  • 目的建立阿昔洛韦片的溶出度检查方法。
    Objective to establish a method to determine the dissolution of aciclovir tablet.
  • 社会地位很大程度上是由家里经济支柱的职业决定的。
    Social status is largely determined by the occupation of the main breadwinner
  • 遗传和环境决定一个人的性格吗?
    Do heredity and environment determine a man's character?
  • 探讨crp用于未足月胎膜早破的患者绒毛膜羊膜炎的诊断准确性。
    To determine the diagnostic accuracy of CRP in the of chorioamnionitis in women with pprom.
  • 科学已经探明其危险性非常小。
    Science has determined that the risk is very small.
  • 只有你自己才能决定什么适合你。
    You alone should determine what is right for you
  • 这些选民们往往决定着全州大选的结果。
    These voters often determine the outcome of statewide elections.
  • 基因决定每个生物的特征。
    Genes determine the characteristics of every living thing.
  • 最终措辞仍未敲定。
    The final wording had not yet been determined
  • 有些银行对查询账户余额要收费。
    Some banks charge if you access your account to determine your balance.
  • 我希望这封信中举述的事实能使你翻然悔悟,弃旧图新。
    I hope that these facts I have stated in this letter may determine you to make a clean break with your past and start afresh.
  • 测流速的摆锤有时用于确定明渠中的流速。
    The Hydrometric pendulum is sometimes used to determine flow velocities in open channels.
  • 我们可用三角原理测定山的高度。
    We may determine the height of a mountain by trigonometry.
  • 他决意营救自己的两名同胞。
    He determined to rescue his two countrymen
  • 我的目标首先是要确定自己下一步该做什么。
    My aim was first of all to determine what I should do next.
  • 检方可能要努力查证罗布在大陪审团面前是否作了伪证。
    Prosecutors may try to determine if Robb gave false testimony when he appeared before the grand jury.
  • 需要进行检测以确定其对人的长期影响。
    Testing needs to be done to determine the long-term effects on humans
  • 调查会查明到底发生了什么事情。
    The investigation will determine what really happened
  • 这次行动之后将会有一个任务执行情况报告会,以便确定是哪里出了问题。
    A debriefing would follow this operation, to determine where it went wrong
  • 我下定决心要直截了当地问他。
    I determined that I would ask him outright.