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n. 决心;果断;测定
Determination - 决心,测定,决定
cell determination - 细胞决定,指决定分化状态细胞的向特定方向分化的过程,细胞决议
Determination method - 测定方法,检测方法,确定方法
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决心; 果断
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  • 我们的决心绝不能动摇。
    And our determination must not waver.
  • 而明天,只不过是为第二天做的另一个坚定的决心。
    And tomorrow, there will be nothing but another firm determination for the next day.
  • 但是应该将这种历史数据与当前问题确定构件分开进行保存,这样它们就不会互相干扰。
    But this historical data should be kept separate from the current problem determination artifacts, so as not to interfere with them.
  • 我们的决心如此强大,我们的信念更加坚定,我们的工作将用不停歇直至世界上的所有人都接受我们,因为我们是如此团结与坚定!
    Our determination is that much stronger and our belief is that much more. Our work is not over until all people can live in a world that accepts us for who we are.
  • 他们有的就是你现在有的动力,决心和意志力。
    They had the drive, determination, and willpower that you have right now.
  • 即使遇到挫折,我的目标仍然给了我决心和希望。
    My goals, even with the setbacks, gave me hope and determination.
  • 那位女职员决心集中精力于她的工作。
    The clerkess bent to her work with determination.
  • 是的,所有这些东西,但还有另外一个关键的因素,勇气和决心。
    Yes ,all of them ,but there's another important element, the spirit of courage and determination .
  • 努力学习和你的决心,那么在你选择的领域你可以通过你的在线大学考核并获得一个学位。
    With hard work and determination you can get through your online school with a degree in the area of your choice.
  • 我方经验丰富,对方年轻气盛决心大,两者不相上下。
    The experience of our side and the youthful determination of the other balance each other out.
  • 我希望它能激励我们向前和鼓励我们所有人以更大决心进行我们的任务和工作。
    I hope it will urge us forward and encourage all of us to tackle our tasks with even greater determination.
  • 成功与否就要看我们的决心如何了。
    The success will ride on our determination.
  • 她满怀新的决心毅然对付学习。
    She assailed her studies with new determination.
  • 这证明,有了承诺和决心,就能克服所有的障碍。
    This proves that, with commitment and determination, all obstacles can be overcome.
  • 这些成就显示了决心和全球团结的力量,但它们还提醒我们关注种种挑战。
    These achievements show the power of determination and global solidarity, but they also remind us of the challenges.
  • 只要我们有决心,它将能够成为我们这个世界的未来。
    And with our determination, it can be the future of our world.
  • 我通过决心和努力工作又得到了这些。
    I got both back through determination and hard work.
  • 他身上那些她所无法理解的东西只有使她更加爱他,他那种克制的求爱态度只能鼓励她下更大的决心去把他占为己有。
    The things about him which she could not understand only made her love him more, and his odd, restrained courtship only served to increase her determination to have him for her own.
  • 你们的信念和爱照亮了我的家,我的勇气和我的决心。
    Your spirit and love have lit up my home, my spirit, and my determination.
  • 关键在于要有决心和信心。
    What counts is determination and confidence.
  • 你既表示了决心, 就应该见之于行动。
    Now that you have expressed your determination, you should act.
  • 她们带着如此的热情、如此的决心和如此的喜悦和骄​​傲致力于此。
    And they do it with such passion, with such determination, with such joy and pride.
  • 尽管实现这一目标的难度很大,但我们有信心、有决心完成。
    Though achieving them will be quite difficult, we have the confidence and determination to succeed.
  • 几乎所有问题组都提供了关于上面每个问题确定步骤的有用信息。
    Nearly all problem components offer helpful information for each of the above problem determination steps.