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n. 掠夺;破坏,破坏痕迹
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  • 大多数南方城镇都遭受过这帮武装匪徒的鲁蛮掠夺。
    Most southern town have suffer from the reckless depredation of the armed gang.
  • 我国利用野生动物资源的历史悠久,但传统的野生动物利用方式多采取掠夺式地利用,导致许多经济价值很高的物种变得珍稀,或濒临灭绝。
    The exploitation history of wildlife in China is long, but the tradition utilization is the depredation type, and causes the economic species rare, or get close to extinction.
  • 通常来说,怎么看待人类在天空留下的这些“印象”呢? 是人类征服太空的进步标志,还是对太空破坏的开端?
    What is the general way to regard the impressions left by humanity in the sky – are they seen as signs of progress relating to the conquest of space, or as the start of the depredation of space (too)?
  • 该地区的环境破坏大都是由于规划不善造成的。
    Much of the region's environmental depredation is a result of poor planning.
  • 残酷的劫掠行为并非罕见。
    Brutal ACTS of depredation are not not uncommon.
  • 拨款不足使林业管理局难以防止森林保护区遭遇火灾和木材盗贼的劫掠,但保护行动毕竟已开始。
    Inadequate appropriations make it impossible for the Division of Forestry to protect the reserves from forest fires and from depredation of timber thieves, but a start had been made.
  • 大多数南方城镇都遭受过这帮武装匪徒的鲁蛮掠夺。
    Most southern towns have suffered from the reckless depredation of the armed gang.
  • 如何利用资源将成为利益的基础,所以理性人将采取掠夺的方式去占有资源。
    How to make use of resources lays the foundation of profit-making, therefore, the sensible will take up resources through depredation.
  • 残酷的劫掠行为并非罕见。
    Brutal ACTS of depredation are not uncommon.
  • 在过去的30年里,随着旅客人数增长了14倍到达每年16万人次,破坏的步伐也迅速加快了。
    Yet the pace of depredation has picked up rapidly over the past three decades, as tourist visits have increased 14-fold to over 160, 000 a year.
  • 其次,资源和环境的公共物品性质,使国与国之间产生“囚徒的困境”,因缺乏治理环境的动力而放任对环境的污染和对资源的掠夺。
    In the next place, the quality of common goods for resources and environment brings "prisoner's dilemma", which led to environment pollution and resources depredation as lack of motive.
  • 私人船舶或私人飞机的船员、机组成员或乘客为私人目的对下列对象所从事的任何非法的暴力或扣留行为或任何掠夺行为。
    Any illegal ACTS of violence or detention, or any act of depredation, committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or a private aircraft, and directed.
  • 冲刷和腐蚀间的交互作用是引起材料发生泥浆型冲蚀破坏的主要因素。
    The synergism between erosion and corrosion is main factor resulting in slurry erosion depredation of materials.