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n. 死;死亡;死神;毁灭
n. (Death)人名;(英)迪阿思
Death - 死神,死亡,死亡
brain death - 脑死亡,脑死,脑死
Black Death - 黑死病,黑暗死亡,鼠疫
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死亡 / 破灭 / 终止 / 灭亡
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死亡, 死亡状态, 灭亡
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  • 他们让他死得很惨。
    They made sure that he died a horrible death
  • 他的速度之快、力量之大让其他队胆战不已。
    He scares teams to death with his pace and power
  • 行刑队处决的那些人里有3名将军。
    Those put to death by firing squad included three generals.
  • 他们累死累活地干活,但却从没有丢掉幽默感。
    They worked themselves to death but never lost their humour.
  • 他已经在死囚区关了11年。
    He has been on Death Row for 11 years
  • 10年前我会为此担心得要命,但现在我接受了它是游戏的一部分。
    Whereas 10 years ago I would have worried myself to death about it, now I accept it is part of the game
  • 他宁愿死得其所,也不想无谓地死去。
    He would rather have a decent death which served some purpose than a meaningless death.
  • 这只是一项爱好,不需要拼死拼活地努力。
    It is only a hobby, not a life or death struggle.
  • 歹徒扎死了一名无辜者。
    The gangster stabbed an innocent person to death.
  • 我爸爸也一样。他就算已经病得快不行了也还是会一声不吭。
    My dad was the same. He could be at death's door but wouldn't say a word.
  • 他们女儿的死使他学会了谦逊。
    Their daughter's death had taught him humility
  • 这意味着他过去的一切存在或曾经希望的存在均已终结。
    It meant the death of everything he had ever been or ever hoped to be.
  • 死亡和苦难降临在了数千名无辜的人身上。
    Death and suffering had been visited on thousands of innocents.
  • 他被刀刺中身亡。
    He was stabbed to death.
  • 他现在面临一场杀入四分之一决赛的殊死决战。
    He now faces a fight to the death to reach the quarter-finals.
  • 验尸官作出了意外死亡的结论。
    The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.
  • 他说他们不希望有战争——但一旦遭到攻击,定会战斗到底。
    He said they did not want war — but if attacked they would fight to the death
  • 家里有人过世了。
    There had been a death in the family
  • 她会为了那个孩子抗争到底。
    She'd have fought to the death for that child.
  • 昨晚我出去了,但没有呆很久。我感觉无聊透了。
    I went out last night, but not for very long. I was bored to death.
  • 好了,约翰,别太在意了。这又不是什么生死攸关的大事。
    Well, never mind, John, it's not a matter of life and death
  • 那份报告提到18人死亡情况可疑。
    The report mentions the death of 18 people in suspicious circumstances
  • 战争的破坏和数百万年轻人的死亡动摇了西方理想主义的根基。
    The destruction of war and the death of millions of young people shook the foundations of Western idealism
  • 在我看来这起罪行是可以预见的,死亡也是本可避免的。
    It seems to me that this crime was foreseeable and this death preventable
  • 弗洛伊德曾假定我们所有人都有生存本能和死亡本能。
    Freud postulated that we all have a death instinct as well as a life instinct.