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n. 耀眼的光;灿烂
vt. 使……目眩;使……眼花
vi. 眼花缭乱;炫耀
Dazzle - 破天荒游戏,地素黛若,暗影牧师
fun dazzle - 翻斗乐,英语是
Dazzle Camo - 眩惑迷彩
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  • 不过强闪光不仅仅是闪得被拍的朋友眼花缭乱——强闪光也会使照片失真变形。
    But strong flashes do more than just dazzle one's friends—they distort the quality of the picture.
  • 她从来不忽悠我们,她消除我们的疑虑,吸引我们,她的单纯和简朴抓住了我们,她的愿望有益于我们,她感知了我们的无知和我们的希望。 (奎恩 第214页)。
    She didn’t dazzle us, she reassured us, attracted us, held us with her simplicity, her desire to be useful to us, the sense she had of both our ignorance and our possibilities (Quinn, p. 214).
  • 最初的效果是眼花缭乱。
    The first effect was to dazzle him.
  • 继黄金马桶后,该寺庙正筹建2间珍珠厕所 — 地上铺彩色瓷砖,马桶上镶满珍珠,灯光一照,耀眼夺目。
    Moreover, the temple plans to build another 2 pearl washrooms, with colorfully tiled floor and pearl-embedded closestools that dazzle under the light.(See photo)
  • 还有,尽管这光芒使人眼花缭乱,但它确实传送了一种我们未曾经历的和无法想像的美和静谧的启示。
    And, though the gleams blind and dazzle, yet they do convey a hint of beauty and serenity greater than we have known or imagined.
  • 做事周详细致让你有足够的能力在那些缺乏创意的人面前炫耀一番。
    Your ability to do detailed work will dazzle those who are less creative.
  • 不管照片是在相机上还是电脑上合成,结果都是没有吓人一跳的耀眼闪光,也没有因为照相机闪光太亮产生的多余虚假影像,干净利落的一张照片。
    Whether the images are combined directly on a camera or on a computer, the result is a crisp photograph without any of the startling dazzle or unwanted artifacts produced by a bright camera flash.
  • 当然,奢侈品并不会让你堕入情网,但是确能使你眼花缭乱。 当你迷失的时候,就很容易被人乘虚而入了。
    Of course, the luxuries don't make you fall in love, but they do dazzle you.
  • 为了让你丈夫惊叹不已,取代把植物种在你地里的顶部,用沙砾放置在顶部,在顶部放置一块圆形的玻璃。
    To dazzle your husband, instead of planting plants on the top of your pot, top it with gravel and place a round piece of glass on top.
  • 基本的东西很好,但有时候还需要点特别的让您身边的同事眼花缭乱的东西,或者需要一点特殊的 功能。
    The basics are nice, but sometimes you need a little something extra -- something to dazzle your cube-mate, say, or maybe you need just some particular bit of extra functionality.