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adj. 变黑的,没有灯光的
darkened - 黑暗的,昏黑的
Darkened Cities - 夜幕垂城
Darkened prospect - 黯淡白勺前景,黯淡的前景
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  • 在长曝光中的运动在星光熠熠的背景和下方变暗了的城市灯光上产生了条纹。
    Motion during the long exposure produced streaks in the starry background and the city lights on the darkened planet below.
  • 可是,这花一旦被羊吃掉了,一瞬间,所有星星都将随之黯淡无光......
    But if the sheep eats the flower, in one moment all his stars will be darkened...
  • 我这次实验性地使用了亮红色,以造成一个更坚固的红色金属色,并且用一些橘色调暗了亮黄色,以求黄金的色彩。
    I used Testors clear red this time for a more solid red metallic color and darkened the clear yellow with some orange for a golden tint.
  • 我们关上百叶窗,使房间变暗了。
    We darkened the room by closing the shutters.
  • 他会喃喃自语:“我的花就在星河的某个角落……”可是,这花一旦被羊吃掉了,一瞬间,所有星星都将随之黯淡无光……那你也认为这不重要吗?
    He can say to himself, “Somewhere, my flower is there…” But if the sheep eats the flower, in one moment all his stars will be darkened… And you think that is not important!
  • 闪电、猛雷和暴雨把大山前面变得黑沉沉的,昏暗不堪,雷暴雨快速地朝着我们倾泻下来。
    Lightning and thunder and harder rain darkened the face of the mountain and slid rapidly down toward us.
  • 他四处环望着暗着的书店。
    He stared around at the darkened bookshop.
  • 也许我们某种程度上就是被漆黑的工作环境和电脑辐射慢慢变得奇怪的。
    Or maybe we’re somehow transformed over time by our darkened working environments and exposure to computer screen radiation.
  • 他前面的电视屏幕上,一个女子穿着黑色高跟靴子,在私家车道上咔哒咔哒朝一座昏暗的房子走去,担惊受怕地扭过头瞅了一眼。
    On the screen in front of him, a woman in high-heeled black boots clicks up a driveway toward a darkened house while glancing fearfully over her shoulder.
  • 善也跟着那个男人出了地铁站,走过黑暗的空荡荡的街道,最后竟在深夜到了一个废弃的棒球场。
    Yoshiya follows this man on the train, then through darkened, empty streets, to find himself in a deserted baseball diamond at night.
  • 可以这样想想:长期预算的前景已经变得惨淡,也就是说必须做出一些艰难的选择。
    Think about it: The long-run budget outlook has darkened, which means that some hard choices must be made.
  • 可以想象,这将是一个让人愿意在漆黑的房间里花大量时间来测试的技术。。。
    Clearly, this is a technology that people are going to spend a lot of time in a darkened room testing.
  • 这当中有一种扭曲就是心理滤除,你陷入其中,单单挑拣一个让人消极的细节,然后不停地思虑,越陷越深,以致你对所有现实的看法都变得黑暗不堪。
    One such distortion is the mental filter, in which you pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it, so that your vision of all of reality becomes darkened.
  • 月全市发生时,太阳,地球和月球连成一线,地球夜晚一侧的观察者可以看到一个变暗了的月亮。
    During an eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon line up, leaving a darkened moon visible to observers on the night side of the planet.
  • 一方面,是那些出让土地给风电站的人们,得到电力公司的高额报酬;另一方面是他们的邻居,他们没有任何好处,除一条黑暗的天际线。
    On one side are those who are well paid by power companies for the right to set up turbines; on the other are their neighbours who gain nothing but a darkened skyline.
  • 在一个漆黑的大房子里,数字开始在一堆屏幕上飞快地乱串。
    Numbers start flying across a bank of screens in a large darkened room.
  • 有一天下午他终于鼓起了勇气。他发现她在昏暗的起坐间里头痛得眼睛发花。
    Once he dared, one afternoon, when he found her in the darkened living room with a blinding headache.