cut up

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vt. 切碎;抨击
cut-up bow - 切底型船首,切底型艏
cut-up test - 切开试验
cut t up rough - 发脾气
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  • 他在盘子里把肉切成小块。
    He cut up the meat on his plate.
  • 修剪起来一侧头部从你的下巴削减直至年底外面削减对耳朵。
    Trim up the side of the head from your chin cut up to the end of the outside cut on the ear.
  • 首先把三个香蕉,三个苹果和三个西瓜切碎。
    First of all, cut up three bananas, three apples, and three watermelons.
  • 我们应该把西红柿切碎。
    We should cut up the tomatoes.
  • 当你要把一根原木切割成一块块木板时,你的锯的厚度很关键。
    When you cut up a log into boards the thickness of your saw matters.
  • 的方式开始,这些物品削减了适当的大小杆和管所有的桅杆和范围。
    By way of starting these items I cut up appropriate size rod and tube for all of the masts and scopes.
  • 他把肉切碎。
    He cut up the meat.
  • 如果你想包饺子把这肉切碎。
    Cut up the meat if you want to make dumplings.
  • 然后切一个西红柿。
    Then cut up one tomato.
  • 蔬菜和肉类通常都会被切碎然后通过多种方法加入到不同的菜肴中从而组成膳食的另一部分“菜”。
    Vegetables and meats are cut up and mixed in various ways into individual dishes to constitute the ts'ai half.
  • 把这些香蕉切碎。
    Cut up the bananas.
  • 就把卷心菜切碎.然后在一个煎锅里面把油加热直到火烫.加一点盐.酱油.料酒和糖就成了.
    Just cut up the cabbage, then heat oil in a frying pan until very hot. Add a bit of salt, soy sauce, wine and sugar and that`s it.
  • 孩子们通常不喜欢萝卜,但我们发现,如果让孩子削萝卜和把它们放到沙拉,他们会喜欢萝卜。
    Kids don't usually like radishes, but we found that if kids cut up radishes and put them in the salad , they love the radishes.
  • 把这些苹果切碎。
    Cut up these apples.
  • 要知道我正住在石棉中,而这些石棉被一些麻木不仁的工人轻率地安装和切碎,我的父亲一定在天堂啐着吐沫。
    To learn that his son is now living amidst exposed asbestos, blithely installed and cut up by apathetic zombies, my dad must be doing spit-takes in Heaven.
  • 我将纸片切碎,然后将它们抛向空中,想要再创造出我第一次看到雪时的那种感觉。
    I cut up little pieces of papers and threw them in the air to try to recreate the feeling I felt when I saw snow for the first time.
  • 彼得,为何不把蔬菜切碎了呢?
    Peter, why dont you cut up vegetables?
  • 当他们看着到猎人切割这只曾经气度不凡的公鹿,有些深感痛心。
    As they watched the hunter cut up the once noble looking buck , some of them felt sick.
  • 我需要一些帮助。你能削减最多的西红柿,请?。
    I need some help. Can you cut up the tomatoes, please?
  • 在早上,当我在为我的煎蛋卷切土豆和洋葱。
    While I cut up tomatoes and onions for my omelet in the morning.