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adj. 压倒的;决定性的;不能站起来;支离破碎的
v. 压破,征服,冲入(crush的过去式和过去分词形式)
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  • 但是,回调当然也很有可能不在这里停下,反而继续下跌造成另一次强熊损失。
    But, of course, the retracement could well not stop there and instead turn into another crushing bear market loss.
  • 如果托管服务公司达不到预期的要求,就需要找到原因并与托管服务公司交涉以防再次发生这类毁灭性的事故。
    If a hosting company is not living up to expectations, it's crucial to find the causes and work with the hosting company before another crushing incident occurs.
  • 当我们还是阿米巴原虫,还是鱼类的时候,我们挣扎着离开海洋,没让重力给压垮。
    When we were amoebas and fish we struggled to get out of the sea without gravity crushing us.
  • 她用鞋跟使劲地踩了一脚它的尾巴,把它的尾巴踩碎在地板上。
    She brought the heel of her shoe down hard on its tail, crushing it against the floorboards.
  • 你也许想着三项决定性杯赛在11天之内统统出局也许可以让一个人远离足球(特别是远离阿森纳)一阵儿。
    You may think that three crushing cup defeats in the space of 11 days might put one off football (especially Arsenal) for a while.
  • 我们一般认为只有在接近光的速度或存在着支离破碎的引力场的情况下,才要考虑相对论对时间的影响。
    We think of relativity's effects on time as occurring at near light speeds or in the presence of crushing gravitational fields.
  • 因为一次又一次,我们看到大粉碎小。
    Because over and over, we see big crushing small.
  • 卡车停下时孩子已经在车下了——司机似乎只在那个时刻意识到了可能已经发生的事——但是,之后卡车继续开进,后轮再一次碾压过了小女孩。
    The van stops with the child underneath — the driver apparently only aware at that point of what might have happened — but then continues forward, the rear wheels crushing the girl a second time.
  • 为什么?,大概是因为他们认为,面对这个事实太打击人了。
    Why? Presumably because they think that facing it is just too crushing and overwhelming.
  • 加工车间的第一个环节——粉碎车间。
    The first section of the processing plant – crushing shop.
  • 公司可能在盈利,或者资本效率高,又或者将每分钱都用在刀刃上。
    The company could be profitable, it could be capital efficient, or it could be crushing it.
  • 然后,钻孔机钻头压断了我的后背,我痛的几乎麻木了。
    Then I felt the numbing pain of the auger bit crushing my back.
  • 她说她的老板最终放弃了她,当她在2008年最后一次碾压金鱼的表演中出现了呕吐之后。
    Her boss gave up on her after she vomited from the crushing of a fish, she said, with her last performance in 2008.
  • 他们可能会在粉碎哺乳动物的骨骼前先加热它们来提高骨髓脂肪的提取。
    They may have heated the mammal bones before crushing them, to enhance the extraction of the marrow fat.