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  • 斯蒂尔先生没有犯罪,并未对公众构成危害。
    Mr Steele has committed no crime and poses no danger to the public
  • 语言是一种精心调试的乐器,破坏它就是一种罪过。
    A language is a finely tuned instrument which it is a crime to damage
  • 警方需要对暴力犯罪持务实态度。
    Police have to be realistic about violent crime
  • 在我看来这起罪行是可以预见的,死亡也是本可避免的。
    It seems to me that this crime was foreseeable and this death preventable
  • 轻微罪行正对社区生活产生有害影响。
    Petty crime is having a deleterious effect on community life.
  • 人们几乎都不把犯罪和罪犯视为一种耻辱。
    There is very little stigma attached to crime and criminals.
  • 他犯了罪,这是无可争辩的。
    He committed a crime, no ifs or buts about it.
  • 他和卡西迪中尉正在勘查犯罪现场。
    He and Lieutenant Cassidy were checking the scene of the crime
  • 如果犯罪发生了,那么根据事实本身,就会有有罪的一方。
    If a crime occurs then there is, ipso facto, a guilty party.
  • 她参与了打击有组织犯罪的斗争。
    She has been involved in the war against organised crime.
  • 在刑法中,几乎任何行为都可以被界定为“犯罪”。
    Within criminal law almost anything could be defined as 'crime'.
  • 内政大臣力图打破贫困和犯罪之间的恶性循环。
    The Home Secretary aims to break the vicious circle between disadvantage and crime
  • 应当根据罪行的严重性来惩治他们。
    They deserve punishment which matches the gravity of their crime
  • 犯罪和对犯罪的恐惧一直困扰着这个社区。
    Crime and the fear of crime preoccupy the community.
  • 一些人对犯罪有一种病态的痴迷。
    Some people have a morbid fascination with crime.
  • 那起罪行引发了打击违禁药品的呼声。
    The crime elicited an outcry against illicit drugs.
  • 电视里充斥着犯罪和无端的暴力。
    There's too much crime and gratuitous violence on TV.
  • 电影制片人常常被指责美化了集团犯罪。
    Filmmakers have often been accused of glamorizing organized crime.
  • 我们需要制订一个能有效预防犯罪的方案。
    We need a positive programme of crime prevention.
  • 他怀疑有人密谋掩盖犯罪事实。
    He suspects there's a conspiracy to cover up the crime
  • 必须始终坚持罪罚相当的原则。
    The punishment must always fit the crime.
  • 我从来没犯过罪。
    I have never committed any crime
  • 城市贫民区的种族主义和犯罪仍然十分猖獗。
    Racism and crime still flourish in the ghetto.