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vt. 创造,创作;造成
Create - 创造,创建,造成
Create Layer - 创建图层,创立图层,建立图层
Create Reference - 引入场景文件,创建参考文件,创建参考
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创造; 设计; 创作; 创建
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  • 为了创作它,首先你得为你自己而创作。
    And to create it, you have to create it for yourself.
  • 这将在配置文件中创建一个异常。
    This will create an exception in the profile.
  • 你可以运用你的思想,创造你的现实。这就是吸引力的原则。
    With your thoughts, you create your reality. This is the principle of attraction.
  • 但是你要怎样来创作并发行一本电子书呢?
    But how do you create and publish an ebook?
  • 然后你应该创建合适的设备节点。
    Then you should create the appropriate device node.
  • 但是你首先要创建一个你想要的,然后用生活去融于其中。
    But you have to create what you want first and then live into it.
  • 但应在哪个存储区内创建这些对象呢?
    But which memory area should we create these objects in?
  • “我得为他创造良好的生活环境,” 王女士说。
    “I have to create good circumstances for him,” said Ms.
  • 他们让灯光保持暗淡以创造一种舒适的气氛。
    They left the lights down to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • 但是为了实现任何一条,你还必须建立一个适合你自己的预算。
    But to realize any of them, you have to create a budget that works for you.
  • 在此步骤中,您将为选择器创建一个新的模块。
    In this step, you create a new module for the selector.
  • “我倾向于认为,我们确实创造价值,”他说。
    “I tend to think we do create value,” he said.
  • 因此他们只创建网络通信没有充分的理由。
    So they only create network traffic for no good reason.
  • 你是唯一能为自己创造这一切的人。
    You are the only one that can create that for you.
  • 接下来您将创建并定义该类。
    You create and define this class next.
  • 因此,我们根据信仰和思考来创造。
    Therefore whatever we believe and think, we create.
  • 在一些特定环境下你要振作精神,创造属于你自己的命运,这对我们每个人都是受用的。
    You gotta buck up on certain situations and create your own destiny, which is up to each and every one of us.
  • 它是上帝选择接下来要创造什么。
    It Is God, choosing what next to create.
  • 在下一次迭代过程中你将创建什么功能?
    What functionality will you create in the next iteration?
  • 接下来,我们必须要创建内部表格。
    Next, we have to create the inner table.
  • 在本小节,您将为您的数据库创建一个配置条目。
    In this section, you create a configuration entry for your database.
  • 对我来说,在一天中的任何时候,所有这些都营造了一个温馨的工作空间。
    All these create an inviting space for me to work at any time of the day.
  • 它存在于你两耳之间,你创造了它。
    It exists between your ears. You create it.
  • 因此, 要浏览这篇文章重的练习,创建两个用户并将其中一个安排为那些角色的每一个。
    Therefore, to work through the exercises in this article, create two users and assign one of them to each of those roles.
  • 有条件要上, 没有条件, 创造条件也要上。
    When the conditions exist, go ahead; when they don't exist, then create them and go ahead.
  • 如果您只有一个具体的类,那么您可以从类中创建一个接口,您的应用程序代码改写为接口,然后按照前面的描述继续进行。
    If you only have a concrete class, you can create an interface from the class, change your application code to program to the interface, and then proceed as described above.
  • 您还应该在创建它们时,为每个阵列使用一个 LUN,然后将所有的逻辑卷分散到您的卷组中所有的物理卷。
    You should also create them with one LUN for each array and then spread all your logical volumes across all the physical volumes in your Volume Group.
  • 从这个实例创建一个镜像。
    Create an image from this instance.