crazy about

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crazy about - 热衷,着迷,十分热衷
crazy y about - 热衷
The Crazy Marketing About Kaixing - 开心网疯狂的营销
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  • 我对学英语很着迷。
    B: I’m crazy about learning English.
  • 我对摇滚乐很着迷。
    I''m crazy about rock music.
  • 我们中的一些人并不会为《撞车》而疯狂,因为那部电影简化了其中的人物性格并集中到某处:即小的优点和大的缺点上。
    Those of us who weren't crazy about Crash thought it reduced each of its dozens of characters to one small virtue and big flaw.
  • 我那同事警告我说:"这的每一个人都是巴萨的狂热粉丝,你最好保持低调。"
    Everyone in Gaza is crazy about Barcelona, so you might want to keep a low profile, " he warned.
  • 你怎么会对京剧那么着迷呢?
    A: Why you are so crazy about Beijing Opera?
  • 我想你,想的快发疯了。
    I’m crazy about you.
  • 万圣节主题防护罩的受众锁定在那些热衷于过万圣节并且愿意展示自己的人群
    The Halloween motifs are aimed at everyone who is crazy about Halloween and wants to show it.
  • 但对于很多设计师来说重新编码是一个问题,很多人可能并不疯狂到所有的程序都手写代码。
    But it reintroduces the coding issue for a lot of designers, who might not be crazy about hand-coding everything.
  • 姜文说:“当导演看到一个让他为之疯狂的故事或剧本时,他的前面不会有任何前辈导师。
    When a director sees a story or a script he`s crazy about, he does not have any towering figures in front of him.
  • 在你做杰弗里斯的经理人的时候,不是非常热衷打猎的吗?
    When you was managing Jeffries you was crazy about hunting.
  • 我对于来此游览着迷了,我决定在这买块地盖房子并呆上半年时间。
    I was so crazy about visiting that I decided to buy land, build a house and spend half the year here.
  • 我对摇滚音乐很着迷。
    I am crazy about rock music.
  • 不能说我已经对《上古卷轴》和《辐射3》的开发公司现在的商标疯狂了,但是它看起来真的像是终结者自己设计的。
    Can't say I'm crazy about the current logo for the company behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3, but it beats something that looks like it was designed by the Terminator himself.
  • “我并不热衷于此,”她说。
    "I'm not crazy about it, " she says.
  • 他对疯狂英语很着迷。
    He’s crazy about crazy English.
  • 通常,总是有一些事是你并不热衷的(比如:刷马桶)。
    Naturally there will always be some things you’re not crazy about doing (like cleaning the toilet).
  • 何止喜欢,我是狂热的爵士乐迷!
    You: Like it? I'm crazy about jazz!