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  • 那次车祸他一点也不记得了。
    He had no recollection of the crash
  • 哐的一声,脸盆掉在地上了。
    The basin fell with a crash.
  • 甚至他骑摩托车在新奥尔良撞桥身亡的事也轰动一时。
    Even his death, after crashing his motorcycle on a bridge in New Orleans, was spectacular
  • 浓雾中发生了撞车。
    The crash happened in thick fog
  • 机翼在坠机时断裂了。
    The aircraft's wings were sheared off in the crash.
  • 我只想在沙发上睡会儿。
    I just want to crash out on the sofa
  • 机务人员关错了引擎,随即飞机坠毁。
    The crash occurred when the crew shut down the wrong engine
  • 坐在椅子上的她翻倒了,咔嚓一下摔在了角落里。
    She tipped over the chair and collapsed into the corner with a splintering crash
  • 公寓楼里有两个人回想起凌晨1点半听见了一声巨响。
    Two people in the flat recalled hearing a loud crash about 1.30 a.m.
  • 事故原因正在调查中。
    The cause of the crash was under investigation
  • 只听他咣当一声,摔在了金属台阶上。
    He hit the metal steps with a ringing crash.
  • 汽车在时速为200英里时发生撞车,炸成了数以千计燃烧的碎片。
    The car shattered into a thousand burning pieces in a 200mph crash
  • 那架飞机在乌斯蒂卡岛附近神秘坠毁了。
    The plane crashed mysteriously near the island of Ustica.
  • 我们头顶的墙塌了下来,地下室里满是砖灰,我惊得说不出话来。
    My words were lost as the walls above us crashed down, filling the cellar with brick dust
  • 他的证券经纪公司在1987年的股市狂跌潮中遭受重创。
    His stockbroking firm was hit by the 1987 crash.
  • 还没看到他们,我便听到他们穿过矮树丛过来的声音。
    I heard them coming, crashing through the undergrowth, before I saw them.
  • 当市场崩溃时,他们认为交易会被取消。
    When the market crashed, they assumed the deal would be cancelled.
  • 接着发生了剧烈的撞击。
    The next moment there was an almighty crash
  • 啪嚓一声,镜子掉在地上摔碎了。
    The mirror dropped and broke with a crash.
  • 他戴上了一顶破旧的防护头盔,上面的面罩已有划痕。
    He pulled on a battered old crash helmet with a scratched visor.
  • 一位戴头盔的男子正跨上摩托车。
    A man in a crash helmet was mounting a motorbike
  • 打了个响雷。
    There was a loud crash of thunder.
  • 机场副经理说那次飞机失事没有明显的原因。
    The deputy airport manager said there was no apparent explanation for the crash
  • 门朝里摆去,撞到了后面的大衣柜。
    The door swung inwards to crash against a chest of drawers behind it
  • 他的长子几年前死于车祸。
    His elder son was killed in a car crash a few years ago.