cost of living

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cost of living - 生活费用,生活费,生活成本
cost-of living index - 生活费用指数
theoretical cost of living - 理论生活费
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  • 换句话说,这张图表当中的数字根据各国生活成本进行调整,所以我们现在看到的是全球一致的生活标准。
    In other words, the chart adjusts for the cost of living in different countries, so we are looking at consistent living standards worldwide.
  • 她总是唠唠叨叨地抱怨生活费用不断增长。
    She is always carrying on about the rising cost of living.
  • 该市的失业率和生活成本都相对较低。
    Both unemployment and the cost of living are relatively low.
  • 工资标准的调整,通常是根据工作表现,生活费用,和升职
    Adjustment of pay rate, usually based on performance, cost of living, or promotion.
  • 方法:邮政编码排名主要依据富裕退休人员(及接近退休年龄人员)的密度以及相对的生活费用。
    Methodology: The Zip Codes were ranked based primarily on the concentration of affluent retirees (and people nearing retirement age) as well as relative cost of living.
  • 然而庆幸的是,“蚁村”的生活成本是可以承受的。
    But, luckily, the cost of living in an ant village is affordable.
  • 生活费在邮政区域最终排名中也起了非常重要的作用。
    Cost of living was also heavily weighted in the final ranking of Zips.
  • 世界经济发展受阻,生活成本居高不下,在这样的背景下没有人指望年轻人能够迅速找到对象并结婚。
    No one expects young people in a tough global economy with a high cost of living to find a mate and get married right away.
  • 生活费指数指各邮政区域间生活费用的对照,100为平均数,200指平均数的两倍,50为平均数的一半,以此类推。
    The cost of living index compares cost of living among Zips with "100" being average, 200 being twice the average, and 50 being half the average and so on.
  • 在那个国家的生活费用是多少?
    What is the cost of living in that country?
  • 但是在许多家庭都在经济上承受着上涨的生活费用的时候,很难说有些度假费用的加价是正当的。
    However, at a time when many families are suffering financially from the rising cost of living, it is difficult to justify some of these premiums.
  • 生活费用越来越高。
    The cost of living is escalating.
  • 主妇们常常抱怨生活费用昂贵。
    Housewives often holler about high cost of living.
  • 很多雇员希望其工资的生活费用部分每年都有增长。
    Many employees expect a yearly cost of living increase in their paychecks.