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  • 我们的导演之一是一个杰出的特技演员,他对特技人员发布指令的声音就像海运公司的教官。
    One of our directors is a ex-stunt guy and he commnd them with a voice like a drill sergeant of a marine corp.
  • 该旅行应用程序作为 ACME 公司员工门户的一部分提供。
    This travel application is provided as part of the ACME Corp employee portal.
  • 从有限责任公司转化为股份有限公司通常不会给业主或公司产生任何收入税,但是可能会需要打官司。
    Converting from LLC to C Corp can usually be accomplished without triggering any income tax for the owners or the company, but issues may arise.
  • 介绍黑化公司在BB肥生产中使用履带式挡板配料槽控制养分含量的工艺过程(举计算实例说明)及工艺要求。
    The technology with the caterpillar type baffle dosage bunker to control the nutrient content of BB fertilizer(taking an example to illustrate) and its indexes at Heihua Group Corp . are introduced.
  • 实际上,虽然新闻集团有实质控股该公司,但是该集团只有用公司的39%的股份。
    In fact, although News Corp effectively controls the firm, it owns only 39% of it.
  • 曼特尔加入公司,成为一名军人,感受到了花蜜的力量。
    Join Mantel Corp, become a soldier and feel the power of the Nectar.
  • 通过阳光贸易公司的介绍,我们知道了贵公司的名字和地址。
    On the recommendation of Sunshine Trading Corp . , we have learned your name and address.
  • 联邦官员说他们正集中注意那个花生公司负责供货的85个公司中的32个公司,这些公司正是在那段时间接受了花生酱或者花生糊的供货。
    Federal officials said they are focusing on 32 of the 85 companies that Peanut Corp. supplies, because of the time period in which they received shipments of peanut butter or paste.
  • 上千家石油公司的追捧!
    Pursuing by thousands of petroleum corp.
  • 据称,在去年四季度,NXP半导体公司和一个大客户签署了技术授权协议,这家大客户应该是苹果公司。
    Allegedly, in the fourth quarter of last year, NXP semiconductor company and a big client signed a licensing agreement, the client should be Apple Corp.
  • 拥有这个处于调查中心的布拉凯利加工厂的花生公司对此没有立即反应。
    There was no immediate response from Peanut Corp., which owns the Blakely processing plant at the center of the investigation.
  • 虚构的 ACME 公司的一名员工希望到纽约旅行,参加一个会议。
    An employee of the fictitious ACME Corp wants to travel to New York for a conference.