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adj. 抽搐的;惊厥的;震动的;起痉挛的
convulsive - 起痉挛的,震动的,摇撼的
convulsive melancholia - 癫痫性忧郁症
convulsive abdominalgia - 惊风腹痛
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摇撼的, 骚动的, 抽搐的
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  • 对两组患者在治疗中痉挛发作情况进行分析。
    The status of convulsive seizure was compared between the two groups.
  • 中枢给予微量二巯丙磺钠也显著抑制大鼠的惊厥发作、降低死亡率和抑制脑电图中强直性惊厥波的出现。
    Central administration of trace DMPS also significantly inhibited convulsive seizure, reduced the death number and inhibited the emergence of tetanic convulsion wave on EEG.
  • 她瘦小的手,以其痉挛的压力,坚定地钩住了她的同伴,就象老虎钳夹紧她一般。
    The convulsive pressure of her slight hand held her companion as firmly as an iron vice could have held her.
  • 目的:研究在惊厥持续状态幼年大鼠海马中的表达及依达拉奉对其的影响。
    Objective: To observe the change of JNK in the hippocampus of status convulsive rat and the regulation effect of EDA on it.
  • 目的探讨改良电抽搐治疗难治性强迫症的疗效与安全性。
    Objective To explore the curative effect and safety of modified electric convulsive therapy (MECT) in patents with refractory obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • 其他的治疗,如输液的补充和抗抽搐药物的使用等,也应该考虑使用。
    Other treatments such as fluid supplement and the anti-convulsive agent should be considered.
  • 他回来,看着一片狼藉的家和泪流满面孤单无助的她,心,抽搐着疼。
    He came back and watched a messy home alone and helpless, she burst into tears, heart, a convulsive pain.
  • 情感爆发、意识障碍、抽搐发作,一般于短期内即可消失,但常常有再发倾向。
    Affection erupts, recognizant obstacle, convulsive fit, general at short-term inside can disappear, but often have reappearance tendency.
  • 济加尔省的文物调查员祖拜迪,把当前危机比作首都巴格达国家博物馆的劫掠。 那次动荡的洗劫震惊了世界,并促使各国采取行动。
    Mr. Zubaidi, the inspector in Dhi Qar, compared the current crisis to the looting of the National Museum in Baghdad, a convulsive ransacking that shocked the world into action.
  • 满是死树的森林容易招致惨重的大火,这是一种具有骤发性动因的改变。
    Forests full of dead trees are prone to catastrophic fires, a convulsive agent of change.
  • 患者晨起发现右侧口角漏水,右侧眼睑闭不严,左侧面肌不自主抽搐,并感左面部发紧。
    Quarrel is slack on the right side of the discovery since patient morning, eyelid is shut on the right side of lax, left side flesh is not own and convulsive, feel left facial hair is close.
  • 非惊厥性癫持续状态(NCSE)患儿脑电图均表现为背景活动差,慢波多,其中4例伴有睡眠中癫性电持续状态。
    Non-convulsive status epilepticus (NCSE) was characterized by weak background activity and multiple slow waves, in which 4 cases were complicated with ESES.
  • 抽搐的动作、发作等。
    A convulsive movement, spasm, etc.
  • 将47例病人分为伴抽搐组和非抽搐组。
    Methods:47 patients divided into convulsive group and non-convulsive group.
  • 以及ECT技术,即电击疗法
    and the technique of ECT, electro-convulsive therapy.
  • 那条鱼大口地喘气,然后做最后拼死一跳,将自己投向河的方向,结果砰地一声落在人行道上。
    The fish gasped, then made one last convulsive leap, throwing itself in the direction of the river, and landed on the pavement with a thud.