continuous casting

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全连铸;[冶] 连续浇铸
continuous casting - 连铸,连续铸造,连续浇注
continuous continuous casting - 多炉连铸,全连铸
continuous metal casting machine - 连铸机,连续金属铸造机,不断金属铸造机床
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  • 炼钢连铸生产调度是钢铁企业MES的重要组成部分。
    Scheduling of steelmaking and continuous casting is an important part of MES in iron and steel enterprises.
  • 连铸坯中心偏析和疏松缺陷在轧制过程中的形态演化
    Pattern Evolvement of the Central Segregation and Looseness of the Continuous Casting Billet in Rolling Process
  • KME在开发和生产连续铸钢用的铜模件方面树立起一座里程碑。
    KME set milestones in the development and production of copper moulds for the continuous casting of steel.
  • 连铸坯凝固末端位置的确定方法有实验测定法和数学模型法。
    Final solidifying end of continuous casting slab can be obtained by testing or simulating.
  • 中碳钢和不锈钢连铸过程凝固微观组织模拟研究
    Research on the Simulation of Microstructure for Medium Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel during Continuous Casting Process
  • 基于中包连续测温的连铸二冷控制模型及其可靠性研究①用批准的温度测量装置进行的连续温度测量;
    Research on Continuous Casting Secondary Cooling Control Model Based on Tundish Steel Liquid Temperature Measurement and Reliability;
  • 合金钢方坯连铸机二次冷却制度的研究
    Study of Secondary Cooling for Alloy Steel Billet Continuous Casting
  • 本实用新型涉及冶金连铸技术,尤其涉及中间包水口预热装置。
    The utility model relates to the metallurgy continuous casting technology, in particular to a tundish nozzle preheating equipment.
  • 为热顶一电磁连铸系统设计提供了依据。
    Thereby, foundation is supplied to designing the hot-top electromagnetic continuous casting system.
  • 大方坯连铸四孔浸入式水口的应用研究;
    Study on submerged entry nozzle with four outlets for bloom continuous casting;
  • 电磁连铸对黄铜凝固组织和性能的影响
    Effect of electromagnetically continuous casting on solidification structure and property of brass
  • 通过丁二腈-水合金实验类比研究了连铸过程中的轻压下工艺。
    The soft reduction process of continuous casting has been experimentally studied with succinonitrile-water alloys.
  • 摘要拉坯辊速度程序控制是水平连铸工艺的关键技术之一。
    Speed program control of drawing roller is one of the key technology for horizontal continuous casting.
  • 钢液在中间包内液位直接影响到连铸生产过程的顺行和铸坯质量。
    Continuous casting process and billet quality were directly impacted by the bath level of molten steel in tundish.
  • 一种连铸塞棒控流水口,涉及金属连续铸造设备中的中间包浇注喷嘴。
    A continuous casting stopper flux controlling mouth relates to a tundish casting nozzle in a metal continuous casting equipment.
  • 连铸;模块化设计;火焰切割机;
    Continuous casting; Modularization design; Flame cutting machine;
  • 连铸连轧计算机控制系统的设计与实现
    The Continuous Casting and Rolling Computer Control System
  • 基于宝钢板坯连铸试验平台,开展了液压振动下的结晶器摩擦力检测实验研究。
    On the Baosteel continuous casting test platform, the mold friction tests with hydraulic oscillation system were carried out.
  • 连铸板坯中心偏析对钢板组织和性能的影响
    Effect of Continuous Casting Slab's Center Segregation on Microstructures and Properties of Steel Sheet
  • 我国连铸中间包内衬耐火材料的发展及应用
    Development and Application of Continuous Casting Tundish Lining Refractory in China
  • 文中介绍了主元分析算法以及在故障检测方面的应用。
    Application of improved principal component analysis method to mould process monitoring in continuous casting;
  • 为减少不锈钢连铸坯中夹杂物的数量,开展了不锈钢板坯连铸中包水模实验。
    In order to reduce the inclusion quantity in the stainless steel slab, water-modeling experiment of stainless steel slab continuous casting tundish is launched.
  • 通过建立传热模型,研究了板坯结晶器的传热行为。
    The heat transfer in continuous casting mold was investigated through numerical simulation.
  • 介绍和分析方坯连铸中结晶器可以采用的几种水缝的特点;
    Introduction and analysis of continuous casting crystallizer that can be used in several of the characteristics of the water seam;
  • 结晶器非正弦振动是实施高拉速连铸和提高铸坯质量的关键技术。
    Nonsinusoidal oscillation of continuous casting mold is one of the key technologies for high speed casting with high quality.
  • 是的,我们的连铸技术全国闻名。
    Yes. Our continuous casting technology is well-known in China.
  • 本实用新型具体涉及一种用于铝合金连铸连轧的牵引装置。
    The utility model relates to a traction device used for aluminum alloy continuous casting and rolling.
  • 连铸过程连铸坯表面裂纹是影响连铸坯质量的重要问题。
    Surface cracks on slab are one of the important quality problems during continuous casting.
  • 这一定是你们的连铸机。
    This must be your continuous casting machine.
  • 二次冷却是连铸工艺中极其重要的一个环节。
    Secondary cooling is a most important part of continuous casting technique.