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vt. 沉思;注视;思忖;预期
vi. 冥思苦想;深思熟虑
contemplates - 冥想
Contemplates Composes - 冥想所构成
Contemplates Music - 冥想原创music
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注视, 打算, 沉思; 冥思苦想, 深思熟虑
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  • 我的爷爷是个退休工人,他常常陷入沉思,留恋着过去的时光。
    My grandfather, a retired worker, often contemplates the past with a feeling of longing and respect.
  • 就是景观社会,在那里,商品在它自己创造的世界里凝视着自己。
    Its opposite is the society of the spectacle, where the commodity contemplates itself in a world it has created.
  • Orlov经常忙里偷闲思考着自己所选择的产业的未来命运。
    In his few spare moments, Orlov often contemplates the fates of his chosen industries.
  • 本发 明更思及这些佐剂组合物的使用方法,特别是诱导对于抗原复合物的 免疫反应。
    The present invention further contemplates methods of use of such adjuvant compositions, particularly in eliciting an immune response to an antigenic compound.
  • 但是,只要我们仔细考虑一下这样做的荒谬性。
    When one contemplates the absurdity of this, however.
  • 由于无法有效地分配自己的时间,他打算引入一个新的管理的组织架构。
    Unable to allocate his time effectively, he contemplates introducing a new layer of management to the organization structure.
  • 本发明公开的一个方面涉及包括掺入脱乙酰壳多糖聚合物基质内 的溶菌酶的复合膜。
    One aspect of the disclosure herein contemplates a composite film comprising lysozyme incorporated within a chitosan polymer matrix.
  • 我认为任何一本思考世界末日的书,某种程度上,它也在思考它的对立一面。
    I think any book that contemplates the end of the world, is really contemplating its opposite in a sense.
  • 有可能她不会当着大家的面说“我们晚点再说吧”,但是她在思考这个问题的时候,你得经历一段尴尬的沉默,而她的回答也多半会是不情不愿的“好吧”。
    Odds are she won’t want to say “let’s talk about this later” in front of everyone. Instead you’ll get an awkward silence while she contemplates the question followed by a half-assed yes.
  • 那在你里面唱歌着、默想着的,仍住在那第一刻在太空散布群星的圈子里。
    And that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space.
  • 缪晓春最新的艺术作品,《H2O–艺术史研究》,是他对于生命和艺术的连续与变形进行的沉思。
    Miao Xiaochun's newest art project, H2O- A Study of Art History, contemplates on the continuity and metamorphoses of life and art.
  • 罗德岛设计学院那些有艺术家气质的学生可以放下画笔,选修“罪之艺术和艺术之罪”这门课。该课程对罪孽和艺术世界的关系进行思考。
    Those artsy types at the Rhode Island School of Design can put down their paintbrushes and take "The Art of Sin and the Sin of Art", which contemplates the relationship between sin and the art world.
  • 同样当荒谬的人深思他的痛苦时,他就使一切偶像哑然换声。
    His rock is a thing Likewise, the absurd man, when he contemplates his torment, silences all the idols.
  • 在深冥想,他设想的特点意识的体现,并通过这样做,取得的洞察力和完美的实现。
    In deep meditation, he contemplates the characteristics of Consciousness in manifestation and, by doing so, gains insight and perfect realization.
  • 天行:(凝视灵镜)这应该是表示我们之中有一个人有著极强烈的愿望想要灵镜达成!
    Skywalker:(contemplates the mirror) This shall mean one of us has a very strong desire which must be accomplished by the magic mirror!
  • 我们的邻居打算搬到芝加哥去。
    Our neighbour contemplates moving to Chicago.