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n. 知心女友;18世纪的一种沙发(等于confidente)
confidante - 红颜知己,知己的女友,闺蜜,知己女友
confidante e - 红颜知己,知己的女友
close confidante - 闺蜜
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  • 把你的治疗师当做是可以分享一切心事的知己。
    Think of your therapist as the closest confidante you can ever share anything with.
  • 但是,赖莎爽直的个性使她在西方大受欢迎,同时在政务上,她也是丈夫最亲密的知己。
    But her outgoing style made her a hit in the West, and she was her husband's closest confidante on political affairs.
  • 沃瑟斯坦以前的一位知己说,现在的模式是没有个人特色的品牌。
    'The model today is the faceless brand,' said one former Wasserstein confidante.
  • 莉莉安对我敞开心胸,我成了她的知己。
    Lillian opened up to me, and I became her confidante.
  • 当然,说某些人的闲话预示着他们是你的知心女友或朋友——我们不会对敌人说闲话。
    And, of course, gossiping with someone signifies that they are your confidante or friend —we do not gossip with our enemies.
  • 这篇童话:珍妮·邦德,前皇室记者以及戴安娜王妃的闺蜜相信,威廉王子和凯特的婚姻会与查尔斯王储和戴安娜王妃的婚姻有所不同。
    Fairytale: Jennie Bond, the former royal reporter and Diana's close confidante believes that William and Kate's marriage will be different to Charles and Diana's
  • 我想象自己能有一个与生俱来的亲密伙伴,一个值得信任的支持者和知己。
    I imagined I would have a natural comrade, a trusted ally and confidante.
  • 实际上,我从来都不需要什么知心女友,因为我已有一个假想中的了。
    Actually, I never needed a confidante because I had an imaginary one.
  • 事实上,她是商人的红颜知己。
    She is a very considerate person, always patient and in fact is the merchant’s confidante.
  • 丹尼斯一直是波烈的服装模特,直到两人在结婚23年后离异。
    Denise served as her husband's muse and confidante until their divorce after 23 years of marriage.
  • 如果你觉得这个问题你自己根本找不到解决办法,那么就找个人谈谈,无论这个人是你的朋友还是你信任的红粉知己,和他/她聊聊如何独力来解决这个问题,或找谁来帮忙。
    If it's one where you cannot see a way you can deal with it alone, then talk to someone, be it a friend or trusty confidante about how to fix it on your own, or about who to ask for assistance.
  • 她是丹最爱的偶像,珍视的红颜知己和挚友。
    She was Dan's favorite model, cherished confidante and dearest friend.