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vi. 怀孕;设想;考虑
vt. 怀孕;构思;以为;持有
Conceive outline - 构思
First Conceive - 先设想
May Conceive - 可以设想
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想出 / 构思 / 怀有 / 怀
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构思; 持有; 以为; 构想, 设想; 怀孕
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  • 任何人都能成为创业者,只要有想象力,能设想一种新产品、新工艺或新服务方式,并具备将这种设想变为具体成果的能力和坚持不懈的精神。
    An entrepreneur is anyone with the imagination to conceive of a new product, process, or service, and the ability and persistence to turn that idea into something real.
  • 这一研究结果可以解释为什么那么多无明显生育问题的夫妇无法怀孕。
    The research could explain why so many couples with no apparent reproductive problems are unable to conceive.
  • 村里超过97%的妇女血液中含多溴二苯醚,在同一个月里,多溴二苯醚含量高的妇女的怀孕数是低含量妇女的一半。
    More than 97% of the women had PBDEs in their blood, and those with high levels were half as likely to conceive in any given month as the women with low levels.
  • 构思新项目。
    Conceive New Project.
  • 我们简直设想不出没有电话人怎么活下去。
    We can't conceive of living without a telephone.
  • 研究人员把这个与上一年的暖春联系起来:植物更早的生长,为牛提供了更多的营养,它们就能更早怀孕。
    Which the researchers correlated to warmer springs the previous year: plants grow earlier, the cattle have more access to nutrition and they conceive earlier.
  • 同样的,懂得如何构思和建立这样的系统模型是十分重要的。
    As such, it's important that you know how to conceive and model such systems.
  • 组织在竞争中的胜利,甚至是生存能力,越来越受到组织能够多么快速地构想并且向市场交付新的解决方案所推动。
    Competitive success for organizations, indeed even viability, is being driven more and more by how quickly an organization can conceive and deliver new solutions to the market place.
  • 它真的是个奇迹,是我们工具中的一部分。我们可以用它来实现我们任何时候的任何构思。
    It really is a miracle that is part of our toolkit, that we can use to manifest anything we can conceive at any time.
  • 当怀孕期间患有糖尿病时,血糖控制比其他时候--甚至比在怀孕前几个月更重要。
    When it comes to pregnancy and diabetes, blood sugar control is more important than ever — even months before you conceive.
  • 我们几乎不能设想,受如此强烈的光照,会产生怎样的后果。
    We can scarcely conceive such an intensity of light and all the consequences resulting from it.
  • 那些设想他无动于衷的人永远不会理解他,永远不会洞察……
    Those who conceive of him thus have never understood him, never penetrated his mind,...
  • 它希望我们构想一个毫无争议的上帝,他可以通过言语和意愿的力量创造宇宙。
    It wants us to conceive of God as an uncontested god who through the power of his word or will creates the cosmos.
  • 然而,若你在怀孕之前成功地控制血糖水平,拥有一个没有麻烦的怀孕期和健康宝宝的几率将几乎等同于你没有患糖尿病的水平。
    However, if you manage your blood sugar level before you conceive, your odds of having a trouble-free pregnancy and a healthy baby are nearly the same as if you didn't have diabetes.
  • 当你尽力去怀孕的时候,尝试和测验之间的时间有时感觉似乎是没有终止的。
    When you are trying to conceive, the window between the trying and the testing sometimes feels like an eternity.
  • 医生告诉她不能再怀孕了。
    The doctor told her that she couldn't conceive again.