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complies - 符合规定,符合,遵守
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complies with - 符合规定,符合,遵守
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顺从; 遵守; 答应
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  • 新法要求企业必须与所有员工签订劳动合同,合同必须符合最低工资标准和安全要求。
    The law requires that all employees have a written contract that complies with minimum wage and safety requirements.
  • 实际上,现有的数据(基于 “旧的” XML 模式)仍然存在,同时可以添加符合一个或多个新模式的新数据。
    Indeed, existing data (based on an "old" XML schema) can remain in place, and new data can be added that complies with one or more new schemas.
  • DB2 提供大量免费的、行业特定的软件下载,帮助公司快速创建和填充一个遵循某种行业标准 XML 格式的测试数据库。
    DB2 provides a number of free, industry-specific software downloads to help firms quickly create and populate a test database that complies with an industry-standard XML format.
  • 她要是依从了,就给她一个合格证(一个合格证是一句赞美的话,让她知道自己至少达到了某些标准 - 达到了你的标准 )
    If she complies, give her a qualifier (A qualifier is a compliment that lets her know that she's - at least to some degree - lived up to your standards.)
  • 过程和资源生命周期只能在过程实现时是一致的,而且可能要向过程“妥协”以确保它符合生命周期。
    Process and Resource Lifecycles can only be reconciled during the process implementation and possibly "bending" the process to make sure it complies with the lifecycle.
  • 我们注意到他的行为发生了明显改变,虽然有时候还是想偷奸耍滑,但只要艾米或我给他一个眼色,他马上就会想到惩罚结果,于是向我们道歉,并乖乖地按合同办事。
    We've noticed a distinct change in his behavior. He occasionally slips and starts to get mouthy, but with a raised eye from Amy or me, he quickly remembers what's at stake, apologizes and complies.
  • 安全权威机构常用的方法是,只管发出要求并希望组织能够加以遵循。
    The customary approach from security tsars is to issue encyclicals from afar and hope that the organization complies.
  • 这些子类让你能够验证你的代码是否遵守和编码、现场处理、翻译和其他相关的全球化最优方法。
    The subcategories allow you to validate that your code complies with best practices related to encoding, locale handling, translations, and others.
  • 对于现有的存储过程,代码已经开发完成并经过测试,它们已经成为 IT 基础结构的一部分,能够满足现有服务水平协议 (SLA) 的要求。
    For existing stored procedures, the code has been developed, tested, and is already a well recognized part of the IT infrastructure that complies with existing service level agreements (SLAs).
  • 您可能会感到奇怪。 其实内部函数调用将输入字符串转换成使用特定格式编译的时间戳。
    In case you're curious, the inner function call converts the input string into a timestamp that complies with a specific format.
  • 这些相互责任称为 契约,用 断言检查应用程序是否满足契约。
    These mutual obligations are called contracts, and you use assertions to check whether an application complies with a contract.
  • 符合此规范的任何业务集成开发环境都可以按相同的方法使用任何 EIS 的资源适配器发现服务。
    Any business integration development environment that complies with this specification can discover services using a resource adapter for any EIS in the same way.