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n. 补偿;报酬;赔偿金
compensation - 补偿,赔偿,报酬
compensation fund - 赔偿基金,补偿金,补偿基金
temperature compensation - 温度补偿,温度自动补偿,温度补偿系数
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补偿 / 弥补
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补偿, 薪资, 赔偿金
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  • 该公司没有任何形式的担保,因此没有补偿方案。
    The company was not bonded in any way and as such there is no compensation scheme.
  • 通过调整税收可以作出补偿。
    Compensation could be made by adjustments to taxation
  • 在承认侵犯他人身体罪后,法庭判令威廉斯医生支付300英镑的赔偿金和100英镑的诉讼费。
    The Court ordered Dr Williams to pay £ 300 compensation and £ 100 costs after admitting assault.
  • 目前,关于赔偿的法律规定十分不明确。
    At the moment, the law on compensation is very much a grey area.
  • 他拒绝接受赔偿金。
    He has dismissed an offer of compensation.
  • 为补偿你为此承受的压力,你要申请额外的补偿金。
    Ask for an extra compensation payment to make up for the stress you have been caused
  • 赔偿金将在140名索赔人中分配。
    The compensation will be split between 140 claimants.
  • 他得到一年的工资作为失业补偿金。
    He received one year's salary as compensation for loss of office
  • 公司从他获得的赔偿金中扣去了这笔付款。
    The company deducted this payment from his compensation
  • 灾难过后军官们正在要求赔偿精神损失。
    The officers are claiming compensation for trauma after the disaster.
  • 她留给他作为圣诞礼物的玩具滑翔机并不能替代她的存在。
    The toy glider she left him as a Christmas present was no compensation for her absence.
  • 他付了一笔钱作为在这次火灾中损失的补偿。
    He paid a sum of money as a compensation for the loss in the fire.
  • 直接因工作原因患上哮喘的人会获得赔偿。
    Compensation is available for people who have developed asthma as a direct result of their work
  • 那家人已经指示律师起诉汤姆森,要求赔偿。
    The family has instructed solicitors to sue Thomson for compensation
  • 对丢失或毁坏邮件的赔偿将由邮政部门处理。
    Compensation for lost or damaged mail will be handled by the postal service
  • 赔偿金的裁定额考虑到了受害者所经受的痛苦和折磨。
    Compensation awards take into account the pain and suffering caused to the victim.
  • 血友病患者们因为被输入了受到污染的血液而正在寻求赔偿。
    Haemophiliacs are seeking compensation for being given contaminated blood.
  • 有些人认为这种程度的补偿实质上是阻止任何投标对手的“毒丸”防御。
    Some believe this level of compensation is essentially a poison pill to put off any rival bidders.
  • 一些业主要求偿还降价率的差额和他们所支付的数目。
    Some have demanded compensation for the difference between the reduced rates and the amount they paid.
  • 诽谤他的报纸已经向他提出支付赔偿金。
    The newspaper which libelled him had already offered compensation.
  • 受害人得到了一些赔偿。
    The injured party got some compensation.
  • 用于一般精度的温度测量和在计量设备,晶体管电路中的温度补偿。
    It is used to normal precise measure and measure equipment, temperature compensation of transistor circuit.
  • 望速派人前来商谈有关赔偿事宜。
    We hope that a representative will soon be appointed to come here for the discussion on the compensation.