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adj. 比较的,对照的(compare的过去式和过去分词)
Compared - 比作,相比,相较
is compared - 比作
compared study - 对比研究,对照研究,比较研究
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比较, 匹敌, 比喻; 相比, 匹敌
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  • 他们互致问候,聊了聊家常,然后才言归正传。
    They exchanged greetings, compared notes on their wives and families, and finally got down to business.
  • 她的缺点同她的成绩相比,毕竟是第二位的。
    Compared with her achievements, her shortcomings are, after all, only secondary.
  • 我把我的答案和老师的对照一下,发现我有个地方错了。
    I compared my answers with the teacher's and found I had made a mistake.
  • 两国之间的边界争论,比起两国的悠久友谊来说,是一个暂时性和局部性的问题。
    Compared with the long-standing friendship between the two countries, their boundary dispute is only an issue of a temporary and limited nature.
  • 与同类的其他鸟相比,翠辉椋鸟要小很多。
    Emerald starlings are fairly small when compared with other such birds.
  • 我们的工作好比一场战斗。
    Our work can be compared to a battle.
  • 与对他声誉造成的损伤相比,这一代价就变得微不足道了。
    The cost pales into insignificance when compared with the damage done to his reputation
  • 和她曾经享有的名气相比,这样的角色真的算不了什么。
    Such roles are small beer compared with the fame she once enjoyed.
  • 和弟弟相比,他在学校里的进步很不起眼。
    His progress at school had been unspectacular compared to his brother.
  • 跟我们都铎风格的房间比起来,这个房间显得素雅而大气。
    The room was light and lofty compared with our Tudor ones
  • 两国篮球运动员在比赛后聚在一起,切磋球艺。
    The basketball players of the two countries got together and compared notes after the match.
  • 它走这一段要用28小时,与之相比火车要用6天。
    It covered the distance in 28 hours compared with the train's six days.
  • 与120万英镑的总债务相比,他们所欠国内税收署的那点钱实在不算什么。
    What they owe to the Inland Revenue is small fry compared to the overall £ 1.2 million debt
  • 与建新厨房相比,那笔费用微不足道。
    The cost was peanuts compared to a new kitchen
  • 跟他哥哥一比,他不过是个小毛孩。
    He's a mere slip of a lad compared to his brother
  • 有些评注者把他的作品与詹姆斯·乔伊斯的作品相提并论。
    Some commentators compared his work to that of James Joyce
  • 同播出的实际开支相比较,他那点酬金不过是九牛一毛。
    His fee is a drop in the ocean compared with the real cost of broadcasting.
  • 个人的力量和群众的力量相比,不过是沧海一粟。
    The strength of an individual, as compared with that of the masses, is but a drop in the ocean.
  • 他和伟大的音乐家相比就成了侏儒。
    He's a pygmy when compared with great musicians.
  • 他们比较了与不同材料接触时这些生物体的反应。
    They compared how these organisms behaved when left in contact with different materials
  • 比起上几辈人,我们有更多机会享受生活。
    Compared to people living only a few generations ago, we have greater opportunities to have a good time