code of practice

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code of practice - 执业守则,实务守则,经营守则
workplace code of practice - 工作地点工作守则
DVGW code of practice - DVGW技术规范
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  • 另一个因素就是实施《世界卫生组织全球卫生人员国际招聘行为守则》。
    Another is to implement the 2010 Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.
  • 国际食品贸易的道德操作规程。
    Ethical code of practice for international trade of food.
  • 如需要了解更多的细节, 可参考附件:(A)联邦,国家和工业法规和(B)瓶装水实施规则。
    For more details see appendix: (A) Federal, State and Industry Regulations and the (B) Bottled Water Code of Practice.
  • 根据局方发给固网营办商的守则,若有用户滥发传真,只要有两宗投诉证明属实,固网商可中断该用户所有线路。
    Under a revised code of practice, network operators can disconnect the fixed lines of any offending party, after receiving TWO legitimate complaints.
  • 古德曼的行为违反了新闻申诉委员会的职业守则。 该守则包括关于如何获取信息的严格指示。
    Goodman's activities breached the PCC code of practice, which includes strict instructions on how information can be obtained.
  • 在2004年,世界卫生大会要求世卫组织制定关于卫生人员国际招聘的行为守则。
    In 2004, the World Health Assembly requested WHO to develop a code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel.
  • 高速公路条例就是行业行为守则的一个例子,其中包括各种法律条文。
    The Highway Code is an example of a code of practice, which represents a number of laws.
  • 这样,民政事务局局长可以就发牌条件制定详细指引,亦可在发出某项业务守则前,就守则的内容徵询委员会的意见。
    This would enable SHA to prescribe detailed guidelines on the licensing conditions and to consult the Commission on the contents of any Code of Practice before it is issued.
  • 由于做出了通宵努力,我们现在握有一份《卫生人员国际招聘行为守则》。
    Thanks to some all-night efforts, we now have a code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel.
  • 这个专业有严格的行业守则。
    The profession has a strict code of practice.
  • 本行为规范将给予病人查看自己病历的权力。
    This Code of Practice would give patients right of access to.
  • 卫生人员移徙政策倡议还帮助世界卫生组织制订、谈判和实施国际执业准则草案。
    HWMI also supports the WHO in development, negotiation and implementation of the draft code of practice.
  • 世界卫生组织全球卫生人员国际招聘行为守则
    WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel
  • 所有会员应遵守业务守则。
    All member of the association shall observe the code of practice.
  • 目标是起草一个作业规范,并收集关于工人健康的数据。
    The objective is to draft a code of practice and collect data on the health of workers.
  • 运动场地的设计,规定,维护和执行应急声音系统用实用规程。
    Code of practice for designing, specifying, maintaining and operating emergency sound systems at sports venues.
  • 信息技术—信息安全管理实践规则。
    Information Technology - Code of Practice for Information Security Management.
  • 世界卫生大会还通过一项决议以制定卫生人员国际招聘的行为守则,目的是要更有效地管理卫生人力的移徙。
    The World Health Assembly has also adopted a resolution to develop a code of practice on international recruitment of health personnel to try to manage health workforce migration more effectively.
  • 行为守则是自愿实行的,其范围是全球性的,适用于所有卫生工作者和利益攸关方。
    The Code of Practice is voluntary, global in scope and applies to all health workers and stakeholders.
  • 关于公共卫生、创新和知识产权以及卫生人员国际招聘行为守则的项目便是如此。
    This is true for public health, innovation, and intellectual property, and for the code of practice for the international recruitment of health personnel.
  • 协会的所有成员都遵守一套严格的行为规范。
    All members of the association adhere to a strict code of practice.